"Devarattam" Movie Review: Formulaic Plot With Lost Cast In Scenes

Kanchana Ngan |May 08, 2019

Director Muthaiah's films are known to follow the same template. And "Devarattam" isn't an exception: A cliched rural entertainer.


Director: Muthaiah
Cast: Gautham Karthik, Soori, Manjima Mohan
Rating: 1,5/5

Devarattam is a new action drama directed by Muthaiah and joined by Gautham Karthik, Soori, Manjima Mohan in the lead roles. The plot centers around Vetri (Gautham Karthik), the sole brother in a family with six sisters. Despite his anger problem, he's still adored and taken good care by family members. The climax comes when he accidentally murders a sexual offender, whose father turns out to be Madurai's dangerous gangster. The story then continues with scenes of chasing and revenge. The film has received poor reviews after just a few days of release.

Devarattam has been poorly reviewed. (Source: Justdial)

After the glory of horror comedies, the village-based entertainer is the most anticipated movie genre in Tamil cinemas. However, this product of Muthaiah is simply a stereotype, following a fixed template without any twist or surprise. It seems to be his directing style as the audience can meet various repeated details in his movies. Take the main actor's childhood as an example. He must grow up in a miserable and unfulfilled family in which the father's care is usually absent. While grandmother is the one raising him in Marudhu, this time in Devarattam, we can see the vital role of his sister, whom Vetri regards as his mom.

Or the scene when a man hard crashes the ground after being thrown up to the air tells you precisely that Gautham Karthik will step into the frame right away. Talking about the main actor's on-screen performance, he seems so lost that you have to feel sorry for him. In most parts, Gautham looks like he doesn't even belong to the movie; from the way, he speaks to his every expression. Many will agree that he is miscast to this role.

Gautham Karthik seems to be miscast for this role. (Source: IndiaToday)

There are many problems with other characters, too. Madhu (Manjima Mohan) is a lawyer in the movie, but so unwanted that you may wonder why she's here and what's her role. Or a villain called FEFSI Vijayan will stare right into your eyes until embarrassment fills your whole body.

Then if you think that you're OK with a stereotype, the predictability in Devarattam will make you think twice. The death of Vetri's sister and her husband sets climax for the stage; however, it's spoiled by actors' unnecessarily exaggerated expressions and the overuse of slow-motion shots. Generally, every scene is overdone and slowly forced.

The only plus point for the movie is picture-perfect cinematography made by Sakthi Saravanan and ear-catching music by Nivas K Prasanna.


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