Devadas Movie Review: The Cracking Humor Film With Nagarjuna-Nani Starrer

ngocbaonguyen |Sep 27, 2018

Earlier this year, the much-loved Nagarjuna suffered a major setback when the Ram Gopal Varma-directed Officer bombed at the ticket window and failed to impress the critics. A cop-drama, the film...

Rating: 3.0/5

Main Cast: Nagarjuna, Nani, Rashmika Mandanna

Film Director: Sriram Aditya

Devadas, a Telugu comedy-action film stars a plenty of A-list celebrities in the main role. They are Nagarjuna Akkineni, Rashmika Mandanna, Aakanksha Singh, and Nani. Interestingly, the film is under the direction of Sriram Aditya who also had written the film script.

Let’s see the review! You will enjoy some cracking funniness as well as wonderful scenes thanks to the main actors’ brilliant performances. Also, it’s interesting to see how entertaining that Deva and Das show throughout the film.


Few words about Nagarjuna’s recent failure

At the beginning of this year, there is a major unexpected failure for Nagarjuna who often gets a lot of love from fans and viewers. Unfortunately, he experienced a ticket window bomb by the Ram Gopal Varma-directed Officer. Consequently, Nagarjuna had no chance to amaze critics. As regards the film, it is a cop drama which depicted Tollywood’s “King”, acting the role of a police officer. Then, he suffered from a setback to entertain his passionate fans.

Due to this failure at the ticket window, this is probably one of the Nagarjuna’s greatest bomb recently. But, he did not stop at that setback. He soon gets over it and returns to the big screen with Devadas. And, Devadas is going to be on screen on September 27th, 2018. Nevertheless, fans still wonder whether his comeback could satisfy even his most die-hard viewers. And, does Devadas help him to be successful like his initial days? Check out below to find the answer!

Devadas Review: Intriguing Storyline

Directed and written by Aditya Sriram, Devadas aims at dealing with the eccentric relationship between a dreaded don and a doctor. Amusingly, the talented director has turned Devadas into another comedy which has traces of an action and thriller drama. In the film, Das is a doctor working in the corporate hospital. But then, he gets fired. After that, Das begins his career again by working at a private clinic.

On the other hand,  Nagarjuna Akkineni plays the role of Deva who acts as a dreaded role. Sadly, Deva gets into trouble with getting hurt due to a gun combat with the enemies. This film element also marks a turning point for characters in the film. It is when Deva comes to Das’s clinic for a treatment. And, this meeting makes happen their relationship and then deepens it.

The film’s storyline is quite basic. However, it has intriguing factors to keep leaving you in awe. Moreover, the skillful and dexterous writing significantly contributes to the effectiveness of this basic storyline. Additionally, the film scenario is much more attractive when it focuses much on “showing” instead of “telling”. Hence, this stylish storyline is extremely efficient in helping viewers narrate the film situations as well as characters.

If you concentrate on analyzing the basics of the storyline, you could easily find out that the creation of drama will intensify the emotion. And, the emotion will become deeper when you dash into the conflicts. Furthermore, the film’s characters also target at flowing along with these conflicts. And, for sure they won’t obstruct the flow of conflicts or oppose the emotions.

Devadas Review: Pleasant & Unpleasant Highlights

Aditya Sriram has successfully portrayed the outstanding scenes between Nagarjuna Akkineni and Nani. The chemistry between their relationship has appeared so well. In addition, their relationship climax comes out greatly to astonish fans and viewers. However, the beginning of the sequences are quite slow, which might possibly an issue for several viewers.

One of the things that make the film worthy is Nani. He plays the role of Das. And, he conveys a lot of humorous performances to make fans can’t help laughing. The funny scenes are when he gives a hilarious introduction about himself as MS, Dr.Das, Gold Medallist, and MBBS. Other than that, there are also much more amusing scenes from him that enable fans to feel excited.

Also, Nagarjuna has the certain donation to the pleasant highlights of the Devadas. Maybe, Nagarjuna blows a new breeze into his role to cooperate well with Nani for praiseworthy scenes. Besides, he has finished his excellent job in presenting his charming appearance. Therefore, the relationship between Das and Deve is really a good treat for viewers. One more bonus point for Nagarjuna is his lively gestures and characteristics in the film. All these mannerisms could definitely never make fans disappointed.

Don’t forget to spend a few words for Rashmika Mandanna. It seems that her role in Devadas has not been deeply exploited. Accordingly, her performance in the film is a bit vague. Hence, she hasn’t had any efficient influence on Devadas. Regarding Aakanksha Singh, she should also deserve a more utilized role despite her acting of a prominent people. On the other hand, some other actors, including Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, and Rao Ramesh perform quite effectively.

Devadas Review: Music Style

Besides actors, storyline, scripts, and the role of director, Devadas also a worthwhile film thanks to its decent music. Music director for Devadas is Mani Sharma. The music style is suitable with each scene, each climax, and each acting element. Above and beyond, Mani Sharma also expresses his composing talent in which the music for the background score is good.

Devadas Review: Final Thoughts

All in all, Devadas takes a bit long time to path, particularly in the very first beginning of the film. The film’s beginning tends to keep you searching for after the introduction of Das never emerges. But, when you prepare yourself to be agitated, Deva appears and fills the big screen with his scenes.

For short, Devadas isn’t inclined to target too high. The reason is that it understands well its strength shown by the lead actors. Then, it conveys meaningful messages for its fans, it is you should know yourself to become a greater version. Devadas’s ending highlights the contented and cheerful dialogue between the two main actors, Nagarjuna and Nani. The way they express their voice with each other and how they burst into laughter together actually make viewers at ease. Especially, how they become best friend with the other also entertain fans a lot.


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