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Leela Adwani |Oct 23, 2020

The director promised his audience that the portrayal of a relationship in Comedy Couple isn’t similar to any movie that you have seen before. DOWNLOAD Free now!

Releasing on 21 October 2020, the film Comedy Couple is currently streaming on Zee5. Helmed by Nachiket Samant, the film is promised to break the stereotypes of a normal romantic comedy-drama. The Hindi-language movie has grabbed eyeballs since the maker dropped out of its trailer. That’s understandable why the search volume for the Comedy Couple movie download keyword is considerably increasing.

Shweta Basu 4
Shweta Basu plays the female lead in the film

According to the director, he earlier promised his audience that the portrayal of a relationship in this movie isn’t similar to any movie that you have seen before. The film stars Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu in the lead role.

  • Plot

Before knowing where to get the Comedy Couple movie download version, take a look at its plot first to know what the film is all about.

Comedy Couple Movie Download
Comedy Couple official poster

In the nutshell, the film centers on the story of a millennial couple Deep (played by Saqib Saleem) and Zoya (played by Shweta Basu Prasad). Like many other young humorous couples, they refer to themselves as a comedy couple. They always throw gags about their relationship, house hunting, sex life as a live-in couple. However, they get some trouble with bully cops. In between all of these ups and downs, the focus is still on the relationship between Deep and Zoya and especially how it usually traps into chaos because of Deep’s excessive lying.

While Zoya’s mother (played by Pooja Bedi) is a liberal single mom whose work is painting nude models in the French capital, Paris, Deep’s parents are way too different. His father is a village man from a small town with Gandhian values and he has a penchant for IT and technical jobs. Raising in quite a disciplined family, Deep can’t inform his family that he already quit his job 2 years back and his current job is a full-time comedian. He doesn’t dare to tell them about his live-in relationship with a strange girl they haven’t known before. However, what’s worse is he doesn’t tell Zoya what he has been lying to his parents either and that leads to big trust issues between them.

Shweta Basu
Shweta Basu did a great job in portraying the role of Zoya

We don’t want to spoil the content of the film too much. You should watch the film with the Comedy Couple movie download version that we are about to suggest below to know what happens in the end.

  • Review

In fact, the film is getting a mixed response from the viewers. According to Tiasa Bhowal from India Today, she highly appreciates the way director Nachiket Samant explores an uncommon angel of a relationship. He had all great intentions when choosing to make a movie on a kind of romantic relationship that we have not been exposed to in the Indian cinema. Talking about the performance of the lead roles, Saleem and Prasad, she said that they seemed to try so hard to carry this movie on their shoulders. In fact, their on-screen chemistry is also quite sizzling but it appeals to the viewers only in some parts.

Comedy Couple Movie Download 2
The duo shares great chemistry on screen

Meanwhile, in the review of Indian Express, the performance of the duo is so-so. The Heroine Shweta does a great job of stepping into the shoes of Zoya who is consistent, passionate, and confident about her goals. But what Saqib shows the world looks like he is trying so hard to play the role of the reckless, upbeat, and chill Deep.

Comedy Couple Movie Review
The film gets different reviews from critics

According to Hindustantimes, the film seems to fail to win the heart of its reviewers. Even though he thought that Comedy Couple is quite good but still wishes it had a better storyline, writing as well as the performances of the cast.

Shweta Basu 3
Shweta Basu's name is getting bigger after the film

Despite the differences in the reviews of critics, you still should watch the Comedy Couple movie download version to have your own opinion as only you are the best critic of yourself.

  • Comedy Couple movie download

Like many other newly released movies, Comedy Couple is also a victim of piracy websites like Tamilrockers or Filmyzilla. There is no doubt that the film is now made available for free download on such websites. Instead of paying a monthly fee to use the service on Zee5, the Comedy Couple movie download free version is an alternative but mainstream option for many people who don’t want to charge some bucks to watch just one film.

Comedy Couple Movie Download 3
Ratings for the film from different media agencies

Leaking the copyrighted content like movies, tv-series, web series, reality shows is considered illegal in India. If you want to avoid further trouble when downloading free movies from those sites, use the paid platform.

Comedy Couple Movie Download 3
Watch Couple Movie Download version now

However, if you don’t mind, download the film Comedy Couple with us right now.

We hope that this Comedy Couple movie download version will not disappoint you. Enjoy your time!

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