"Cocktail" Movie Download In HD: Triangle Love Of Deepika, Saif And Diana

Salena Harshini |Jul 14, 2020

"Cocktail" has just marked 8 years of release and the film is a total must-watch especially for romantic movie lovers.

2012 movie Cocktail starring Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan, Diana Penty has just welcomed its 8 years after release. Ever since it got on floors, it has received quite a number of lauding comments from the audience and critics alike. Without further ado, enjoy the film right now with Cocktail movie download for free!

Cocktail (2012) download is up for grabs below!

The movie focuses on the story of three friends, Meera, Veronica, and Gautam whose lives change drastically to love. Veronica (Deepika Padukone) welcomes her no-string-attached boyfriend Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) and new friend Meera (Diana Penty) into her house. Things get complicated when Meera and Gautam fall in love.

Cocktail emerged as a commercial success, grossing ₹125.70 crores (US$18 million) worldwide.

Let’s have a quick look through our Cocktail movie review to see what reactions the film receives on the whole.

cocktail-movie-download 1
One of the first scenes in "Cocktail" with Deepika and Saif in a club

Written by filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, the script shows a light-hearted friendship between the three main roles along with iconic moments and exciting tracks that send you into the night-club mode. You may even feel like singing and grooving in your seat while watching the flick.

Moreover, the camaraderie of the two girls – Meera and Veronica is portrayed realistically and running deep. Meanwhile, it cannot be said to be the same when it comes to the connection they share with Gautam. While Gautam and Veronica’s fling is flaky, the relationship Gautam shares with Meera turn out to be something of a deeper passion.

The aching and the longing does not seem like something we see in Love Aaj Kal or Jab We Met. In all reasonableness where Cocktail full movie scores, is the way that the majority of us living in urban metro India, will totally be able to identify these three characters and what the passionate change that this pack of companions experience. The bonding, the thrilling minutes do strike an undeniable harmony.

cocktail-movie-download 2
The three then moved into Veronica's home

The film takes a progressively genuine turn in the second half when kinship clears a path for affection. Indeed, Cupid strikes at the interlude point; watching Cocktail movie free download follows you will see the typical triangular drama which has been a staple to Bollywood in the last few decades.

In the meantime, Cocktail does have a number of terrific highs. One of those is the performance of Deepika Padukone. Easily one of the best performance in her long career, she also look stunning all the way through.

You nearly wish the camera had remained more extended on her in that tiny red bikini set.  Deepika Padukone was highly praised for her near-flawless roles as a spoilt, rich girl with an endearing personality.

cocktail-movie-download 3
Deepika Padukone's bikini moment in the film is iconic

Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan is terrific with his character, And the debutant at that time, Diana Penty, contributes a great part in creating a beautiful picture.

Cocktail movie download also features Randeep Hooda in a supporting role.

The music for Cocktail full movie is chart-busting and charged. Also, the dialogue between the characters is hysterical, even outrageous.

These are some facts you probably haven’t known about the Cocktail movie cast before downloading Cocktail for free.

cocktail-movie-download 4
Things you probably have not known about the cast of the romantic movie

The lead heroine was supposed to be given to Priyanka Chopra. However, it was later assigned to another starlet.

Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan were originally signed on to portray the leads of Cocktail movie full download after their chemistry during the Break Ka Baad promotions impressed the youth. However, Imran Khan declined the movie and was later substituted by Saif Ali Khan who made the decision to produce it under Illuminati Films, his own production house.

DP was offered both Meera and Veronica roles. However, as she thinks that Meera was not different from her character in Love Aaj Kal, she decided to choose the Veronica role as a challenge.

Model-actress Diana Penty, who was previously supposed to depict the female lead in Rockstar of Imtiaz Ali, later signed on to Cocktail movie download instead according to Ali’s suggestion. Thus, it became her Bollywood debut.

cocktail-movie-download 5
Diana Penty made her debut in Bollywood with this film

Recently, to celebrate eight years of Cocktail, Deepika Padukone changed her name on Twitter to Veronica. She also changed her profile pic on Instagram and Twitter and has shared her throwback snaps from Cocktail full movie download.

Cocktail movie download is a worth-watching film that would provide you a good cinema time even at home. If you are finding Cocktail movie in Hindi, Cocktail movie Tamil, Cocktail movie Malayalam, they are all available here. Click to download!


In short, Cocktail is a contemporary movie that reflects life as it takes place all around us. It is just as twisted, beautiful, crazy, funny, lonely, and weird as anyone’s life can be. It is all about the easy and hard choices you make and how life goes on despite it all. The movie is a cocktail that you must not miss.

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