Chak De India Full Movie Download – It’s Been 13 Years But Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Is Still A Legend

Leela Adwani |Aug 17, 2020

13 years of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer "Chak De! India"! Check Out Its FREE DOWNLOAD version!

Chak De! India or Let’s Go! India is one of the hottest sports dramas of the year 2007. Helmed by Shimit Amin, the film features Shah Rukh Khan in the title role as the former caption of the national field-hockey team. Releasing on 15 August 2007, Chak De India full movie download has always a hot keyword on the search engine.

Chak De India full movie download

The film tells the audiences a story of the India women’s national field hockey team that was mainly inspired by the win of the team at the Commonwealth Games in the year 2002. Other than being a normal sports movie, Chak De India full movie download also explores different themes including sexism and feminism, religious and racial bigotry, the legacy of the partition, and even regional and ethnic prejudice.

Chak De India full movie – plot summary

Chak De India full movie download opens with the nerve-wracking last minutes of the Hockey World Cup match between India and Pakistan and Pakistan is leading 1-0. However, captain Kabir Singh (played by Shah Rukh Khan) cannot take a successful penalty stroke.

Years after that the former Indian captain decides to make a comeback with a new position as the coach of the girl national hockey team. In fact, the team actually exists on paper more than in reality. It’s packed with a rag-tag bunch of women who have forgotten how to play for the passion for the game, the sharp thrill of holding the hockey stick, or just simply keeping eyes on the ball.

The film's official poster

They play every game but hockey just to make sure they can earn a place in the national team every year. These girls seem not to know the great energy of being a member of the Hockey India Team.

However, the coach Kabir Khan who used to be a captain does know about it. When returns to hockey with an empty hand, Khan wants to ensure that he will make a difference. Despite the sad memory in the past, he holds a strong belief that if these girls played as one, nothing would be impossible.

Yes, Chak De India full movie download is a great story of a couch’s journey of making his team members overcome the diverse backgrounds. It’s also a story of integrity, sincerity, and honesty.

Chak De India full movie free download

Bollywood films are also a huge source of entertainment for movie lovers. However, many piracy websites are still leaking a lot of films despite the great effort of the authorities to combat such criminals.

13 years of Chak De! India

Shortly after the release, the films are usually made available for free download. Many viewers don’t want to charge some bucks to buy a ticket so they choose to watch the film at home by downloading films on either legal or illegal websites. Remember that leaking copyrighted content without the permission of the makers is considered an illegal act in India. Think twice before downloading any pirated content on the Internet.

However, if you don’t mind, you can click here to get Chak De India full movie download in the high-quality version.

Chak De India song

The soundtrack album of the film and the background music are entirely composed by Salim-Sulaiman. Meanwhile, the lyrics of all the songs in the album are penned by Jaideep Sanhi.

The full album has seven tracks and one of them is a remix version and a dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan’s voice from the film.

Releasing on July 11, 2007, there were 11,00,000 units sold and that made it to the top highest-selling soundtrack album of that year, at 11th place, according to the trade website.

Not only the film Chak De India full movie download alone, but the album also got a big thumbs up from the critics. The Planet Bollywood gave the film album 8 stars (out of 10). Theme song Chak De! India, Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke, Maula Maula Le Le Meri Jaan, and Badal Pe Paaon Hai are their top picks.

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Chak De India full movie download is one of the most successful sports dramas of the Hindi film industry. No prize for guessing, it got good reviews from the big-name critics.

The film got a good response from the audiences and the critics alike.

In the review of Hindustantimes, they heaped praises on the outstanding performance of Shah Rukh Khan. He proved his impeccable leadership when carrying the proverbial burden of the team on his shoulders. Not just this, the way the director could fit in strong comments on gender equality in sports, national unity, team spirit, and secularism is also a highlight of the film.

Hope you will have some quality movie-watching experience with our Chak De India full movie download version.

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