10 Movies Where The Actors Break Taboos By Having Actual S.E.X On Set

Bindhiya Nhi |May 26, 2019

You might think this is illegal, but these 10 movies features real love scenes as the director and the actors all went out for authenticity.

Sometimes actors have actual sex in movies, and porn does not count because it is a whole different game obviously. We are talking about regular movies which play in movie theaters, and most of these are indie movies as major studios do not allow real love scenes on the silver screen. You might think this is illegal, but several movies include unsimulated sex scenes in order to establish a sort of realism and genuine authenticity to the plot.

Have you ever seen some steamy scenes and wonder why it looked so real? Let's scroll down for 10 movies that broke all boundaries by letting actors having real intercourse right in front of the camera.


Love Movie 2015
Source: theguardian

Directed by Gaspar Noé, Love tells the story of a couple and their dysfunctional relationship. The film features mostly unsimulated sex scenes, having the journalists reaching for their laptops immediately after its premiere in May last year. On a related note, director Noé also performed a chemistry test among the actors to get the mood right in their on-screen steamy scenes.

Romance X

Romance X 1999
Source: cinefilesreview

Written and directed by Catherine Berillat, this French art house movie is about a woman who is unhappy with her boyfriend as he constantly refuses to sleep with her. She starts searching for somewhere else, but once again bitterly disappointed by all the sexual adventures she has. Romance X became notorious in 1999 thanks to its explicit nudity and actual sex scenes, yet the sex is gladly not presented in an erotic way.


Source: substream

Shortbus involves quite a lot of sexual and emotion hang-ups as none of its characters are satisfied with their love lives. The movie follows their journey on searching for sexual happiness, and not everyone will feel comfortable watching this movie. The reason? Director John Cameron Mitchell puts in real, graphic sex acts in his movie, including both explicit homosexual and heterosexual love scenes. Moreover, the actors were also said to be chosen based on their willingness to have real intercourse right in front of the camera.

Don't Look Now

Dont Look Now

Whenever there is a top of movies including most real love scenes, Don't Look Now always makes it to the list. This 1970s movie starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie as a married couple who have to suffer a tragic loss after their daughter passed away due to accidental drowning. Rumor has it that the sex scene between the actors is unsimulated since it is too realistic. However, the truth has not yet been revealed up till now, and what happens on the set still stays on the set.


Intimacy Movie

Directed by Patrice Chéreau, Intimacy is considered as one of the most sexually explicit British movies in the industry. The movie is about a married woman who meets a barman for loveless and silent sex before returning to her husband. The love scenes are real, and even the lead actress Kerry Fox was quoted saying, "I don't regret real on-screen sex."

Lie with Me

Lie With Me
Source: moviepilot

Lie With Me is an indie movie featuring more than 20 minutes of real love scenes involving lead cast Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith. The movie even has a masturbating scene right at the beginning, following by a lot of steamy scenes later when the lead character wants to find her love interest. This Canadian movie had its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in 2005 and ended up with negative reviews from the critics.


Antichrist 2009 By Lars Von Trier
Source: msinc

Starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainbourg, Antichrist is a 2009 horror movie which tells the story of a married couple struggling to get over their toddler's accidental death by moving into a mysterious cabin in the forest. Director Lars von Trier takes this award-winning movie on a whole new level of horror despite its controversial intense and real love scenes. However, the hot scenes did not feature the two actors but instead using body doubles.

Pola X

Pola X Movie
Source: miliyet

Directed by Leos Carax, Pola X is about a young writer who meets a woman who claims to be his half-sister and their relationship eventually becomes an incestuous affair. The hot scenes were supposed to be using body-doubles; however, the lead casts did engage in some sort of unsimulated sex during the filming. Carax captured the sense of taboo by filming a love scene in shadowy yet bluntly specific images, leaving the viewers with erotic and disturbing feelings.

Scarlet Diva

Scarlet Diva
Source: filmmovement

Released in 2000, Scarlet Diva is a semi-autobiographical movie from Italian actress and model Asia Argento. The movie contains quite a lot of intense scenes related to drugs, overindulgence and sex. While people are still finding its love scenes are quite realistic, actress Argento herself confirms that many of those are not simulated scenes.

Little Ashes

Little Ashes
Source: cinemagia

The sex scene in Little Ashes was simulated, but the glimpse of Robert Pattinson's actual orgasm face was real. Robert indeed went all-out for his role as Salvador Dali by pleasuring himself in front of the camera, letting it film his facial expression as he aimed for authenticity. The movie itself was not well-received by the critics, but the Twilight star's brilliant performance is still worth watching.


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