Zodiac Signs Ranking From Most Introverted To Most Extroverted (Part 1)

Sahana Nhi |Aug 25, 2019

While extroverted zodiac signs plunge into the external world, feeling better when meeting people, introverted ones talk less and enjoy complete solitude.

It is easy to spot extroverts because they plunge into the external world, feeling better when meeting other people and bounce their ideas around. However, introverts hate being in large groups. They talk less, enjoy complete solitude, and focus on their inner thoughts and feelings.

Astrology is even responsible for our social behavior. While one-half of the 12 zodiac signs are super outgoing, the other half tends to be shy.

Read on to find out where you are on the scale of the most introverted to the most extroverted, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Pisces

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People think you are quite, unfriendly, standoffish, or even snobbish. That’s the reason why you only have a few friends. However, that isn’t your concern. What you bother is having genuine friends who can understand your actual color.

You are not an antisocial individual; you have your world: a dreamer with a lively world in your mind. You are just like a fish in its tank and don’t want to be bothered by others. You can be alone all days, but you can’t stand being in the crowd for a long time.

2. Capricorn

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Like Pisces, sometimes you are lost in your train of thought and misunderstood that you are weird and unapproachable. You also like being alone and relaxing with your favorite books and your pet.

Nonetheless, you still let some selected people go into your world and enjoy all–night dinners with them. You feel okay with hanging out with A FEW people, but not A CROWD. This personality trait makes you more extroverted than Pisces, although it’s just a little bit.

3. Taurus

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You are uncomfortable with shaking hands, but if you have to do it, you make people feel schmoozing and think you are grumpy. However, in reality, you are a quiet and respectful person. You seldom speak over or interrupt others when they said.

Only your best friends and trustworthy mates can see another extroverted side in your soul: a funny, a little bit silly and warm Taurus.

4. Aquarius

Complaint Zodiac 2 Ava

Aquarius much prefers thinking to speaking. You are seldom a speaker in a conversation; you let the others talk and keep yourself quiet.

Nevertheless, you are not an antisocial person. On the contrary, inside your soul is a warm heart and a friendly personality.

The reason for your quietness is your innate imagination and smart brain. You can entertain yourself by thinking with no one around you. When the other talks, you may walk with your beautiful dream.

To be continued ...


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