Various Shades Of Lipsticks: What The Hue A Bride Chooses Can Say About Herself

Kimmy Karima |Oct 10, 2019

A lipstick can improve every girl's look. So it's an indispensable thing for a bride on her wedding day. Interestingly, the color she uses on that big day can tell something about her nature, without her even knowing it.

Talking about lipsticks, there's a very wide array of colors to choose from. And for one of her most important events, which is her wedding ceremony, each bride chooses one special hue for herself.

That hue doesn't only match her skin tone or makeup style, but also matches her own thoughts and emotions. That's why you can look a bit into a bride's soul when you look at her lips.

The color she puts on will tell you something about her character indeed.

Shades of red


Brides who choose red tones for their lips are tough and may be adventurous. They are the go-getters and they won’t stop before they reach their goals. It’s not surprising if it’s them who have taken the initiative in dating with their spouses in the first place.

They’re also strong, brave and don’t mind receiving all the attention. They can be the center of any events they attend, especially in their own wedding parties of course.

Shades of pink


This type of brides can bring smiles to others’ faces with their upbeat attitude. They’re almost always happy and energetic, so their tremendous optimism can spread widely. Being so easy-going, these brides don’t demand too much from anyone.

They’re also lovely and friendly, so it’s really fun to be around them. It seems like nothing can dampen their mood because they always see the silver lining of every cloud.

Shades of peachy orange


Brides who choose peachy orange color are very aware of their looks. Their taste is delicate and they may like minimal makeup and outfit style. Minimal, but really elegant. They know what to wear on which occasion, and how to mix and match. That’s why they don’t often show off, but friends go to them for good style advice.

Those who like peachy orange are also sensitive and caring. They can keep calm in most cases, and are the ones who can comfort others during difficult moments.

Shades of purple


Purple is the colour of royalty and class. Those brides who like these shades usually have high expectations of everything and everyone around them. They enjoy both quality and beauty, so they may have planned her wedding really carefully.

Listening to other’s opinions is not what they like. Instead, they do their things in their own ways and ask others to conform. That said, their taste is so sophisticated that no one could complain about.

Shades of brown


Brides who choose this earth tone for their lips are gentle, simple and down-to-earth. They seem to be always grateful for what they have, no matter how little or how small. Asking for something luxurious is not their habit. They’re accepting and caring, and they prioritize important relationships over everything else.

Furthermore, they’re also trustworthy and are not the ones who leave their spouses in tough times. They’re such treasures, aren’t they?



Brides who wear nude lipstick on their special days are self-assured and real. They know their self-worth, are honest and straightforward, and never like to beat around the bush. Despite their simplicity, they shine with their confidence and coolness.

They’re the dependable type that can make others feel secure and peaceful. The most admirable thing about them is that they’re always comfortable in their own skin, which not many can be.

Glossy and lustrous


Some brides insist on lip-gloss. Those are the chic and a bit showy type. Funny, interesting and attractive too. They may be talkative and even noisy, but cute and adorable. They seem to always appreciate everything and they want others to do the same. It’s not that they’re too childish, but in fact, they’re happy-go-lucky. And they think everyone should enjoy it while it lasts. Because just why not?


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