US President Trump & White House Unfollow Indian PM Narendra Modi On Twitter

Ankita Chetana |Apr 29, 2020

Just some days back, The White House followed Twitter accounts in concern with India including PM Narendra Modi. But what happened recently wonders everyone a lot.

Just a few days ago, the White House's account on Twitter clicked to follow this platform's handles related to India. This handle followed the Indian President, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PM's Office, the US Embassy in India, and the Indian Embassy in the US amongst some others.

Donald Trump Narendra Modi
Donald Trump praised Modi's work in the time of coronavirus

An Indian leading daily reported today:

"The official Twitter account of White House, the residence and workplace of the president of the United States, doesn’t follow Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi anymore on the micro-blogging site."

Modi Trump
The friendship between them didn't last over 3 weeks

Earlier, the US administration had urged PM Narendra Modi to maintain exporting hydroxychloroquine as a miraculous coronavirus solution. At that time and up to now, India is amongst the biggest producers of HCQ. After that, Trump tweeted:

"Extraordinary times require even closer cooperation between friends. Thank you India and the Indian people for the decision on HCQ. Will not be forgotten! Thank you Prime Minister @NarendraModi for your strong leadership in helping not just India, but humanity, in this fight!"

Due to it, the White House followed up to 19 accounts that all of the foreign accounts it followed belong to India. However, recently, this Twitter handle and US President Donald Trump have kicked PM Modi's account on this social platform out.

Not stop then, all the Indian-related Twitter handles have been unfollowed by Trump and the official Twitter account of the US President, The White House. As seen on this platform, the White House is just following 13 accounts which are all in concern with Donald Trump and the US government.

Check out all Twitter accounts followed by The White House:

The White House Following Accounts
List of Twitter accounts followed by the White House

This movement doesn't need us to comment too much but we all can realize what really happens between the US and India. Nonetheless, we still need an official explanation of this strategic move. Is this just a three-week-long friendship?


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