Top 12 Trending Hair Colors You Should Try In This Fall

Sahana Nhi |Aug 31, 2019

If you are wondering about your hair colors in fall, this article is your savior! Let’s choose the suitable one with the way you want the other to look at.

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and forget beach blonde or strawberry red hair colours that you saw everywhere you came. From now on, the whole new colours like cool-toned browns, warm-toned blondes, and red will rule the world during autumn.

If you are wondering about your hair colours, this article is your saviour! Let’s choose the suitable colour with the way you want the other to look at it.

hair colors

Be homely and tender with Java Brown

hair colors

Stylist Jamie Wilheim brings us a perfect fall colour for homely and tender ladies. Created from chocolate brown, this cool-toned ashy coffee brown is looking forward to rocking the fall.

Be lively like a sun with Honey Bronde

hair colors

From the end of summer to fall, this Honey Bronde colour will keep you looking lively like a sun! If you’re a lively and a little bit sporty girl, why don’t you try this colour with a short haircut? It will be an interesting experience for you this fall.

Be sweet and young with Rhubarb Red

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Rhubard Red is also known as "rhubarb crisp", according to its creator, colourist Jade Federico. As its name, this colour will make you look as pretty and sweet as the dessert!

Be mystic and seductive Cherry Black

hair colors

Jet black colour seems to be out of date because of this Cherry Black. In this year, Cherry Black appeared as a mystic and seductive queen and ensnared girls. Soon, you will see cherry black everywhere. Let’s be a part of the mystic and seductive army of Cherry Black queen!

Be fabulous with Balayage Brown

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Stylist Meghan Gallagher from Bobby Mack Salon brings this fabulous Balayage Brown to our Top 12. If you’ve got brown hair and don’t want to have regular hair touch-ups, this is the solution! You just need to add subtle golden or caramel balayage to look fabulous and natural.

Be bold with Flaming Red

hair colors

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the hottest creature on the world? Absolutely the girl with her flaming red! This colour will help you to burn other people's eyes in this fall. If you’re a bold and charming girl, say no more, this colour was born for you.

Be bedazzling with Scandinavian Blonde

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This color belongs to bright and dazzling girls. If you’re a natural blonde, don't hesitate! This 2019 fall is the best time to have Scandinavian blonde.

Be mature and warm with Sunlight Caramel

hair colors

Sunlight caramel is always fashionable, even for any season of a year. The warm caramel and golden honey hair won’t only make you look mature and warm but also keep you up-to-date.

Be tough and sexy with Ginger Brown

hair colors

This colour was popular thanks to the Harry Potter series but in this fall it’s expected to become even more popular. If you want to be looked like a Wesley or simply want to be tough and sexy, just add some autumn spice to your brunettes.

Be attractive with Shadow Root Blonde

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This perfect combination between darker root color and lighter highlights will bring you enough attractive appearance to make everybody in parties turn their heads on you.

Be unique with Smoky Brown

hair colors

In this year, going gray seems to become a trend that a fashionable lady shouldn’t skip. To try it out, you can coat your ends in a dark smoky color like colorist Cherin Choi and get tons of compliments.

Be charming with Honeyed Dark Brown

hair colors

If someone told you that brunettes can't go blonde in 2019 fall, they haven’t caught up with the trend yet. Stylist Charlie Price has just presented a perfect Honeyed Dark Brown color hairstyle that every girl totally wants to have.


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