Top 7 Plastic Surgery Trends For 2019, According To Experts

Maanyata Thu |Jan 30, 2019

Plastic surgeons break down the cutting-edge procedures expected to make it big in the new year.

We are living in the era of social media where the desire to look beautiful and stunning has never been stronger. It can be said that plastic surgery has been becoming popular over the past few years because it makes people feel more confident in themselves.

Here are top 7 plastic surgery trends for 2019, according to experts.

Filler or Botox Are More Reachable Than Ever


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, the board-certified plastic surgeon Lara Devgan says. According to her, this is not only due to lower cost, lower invasiveness and low downtime and but also because there are a lower barrier and lower stigma to entry.

It is undeniable that lasers, skin resurfacing and injectables are quick and tend to have immediate visible effects. Among these treatments, injectables like fillers or botox have become mainstream with an entire four-fifths of the surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons in 2018 were cosmetic non-surgical procedures “because of the subtle, yet noticeable visual result they deliver for a relatively affordable price tag as compared to surgical options”.

Tweak-Ment Will Be On The Rise


Overfilled lips, exaggerated cosmetic procedures, and disproportionate breast enhancements are trends that are on their way out. Plastic surgeons have seen an increase in tweak-meant, small corrections to the face and body while remaining true to your natural facial and physical characteristics.

According to plastic surgeon Lara, while ten years ago, people wanted to look like a celebrity or a supermodel on the magazine, people now just keen to see like own filtered pictures or one Photoshop version of themselves.

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Cosmetic Treatments Will Not Only For Women


The majority of plastic surgery patients are women but the number of men is interested in undertaking cosmetic procedures is on the rise. Lara Devgan says that about 15 percent of her patients are men and this number is predicted to keep on rising.

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Plastic surgeon Adam Kolker also predicts that jawline snagging, neck and heft will become a surgical trend among men in 2019.

Body Contouring Is Expected to Soar

Body Contouring

Body contouring will help with skin removal after significant weight loss. The surgery enhances the shape and tone of your underlying tissue that supports fat and skin as well as removes excess sagging fat and skin.

Medical Tourism Comes To An End


International medical tourism, especially for plastic surgery, has been on the unstable ground. What makes it once attractive is its low-cost option compared to other expensive elective procedures, but now patients have reconsidered its effect and values.

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Niche Treatments Are Increasing In Popularity


These small and hyper-specific procedures to solve minor but irritating facial and body quirks are becoming popular. These micro-optimizations involve the different use of fillers in locations other than the traditional cheekbone, like the earlobe to tighten a stretched piercing from heavy earrings or the bridge of the nose during a noninvasive rhinoplasty.

Preventative Treatments Is Expected To Make It Big


2019 is predicted to be the year of tweak-meant. According to some experts, a more significant number of patients will be undertaking preventative treatment at a younger age.

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