Hot Korean Yoga Instructor Gone Viral With The Hardest Poses Ever

Salena Harshini |May 08, 2020

Kim Syung Hee, beautiful Korean yoga teacher, has gone viral on the social networks for her beauty and her extremely difficult yoga poses.

Kim Syung Hee is a famous Korean yoga teacher who usually shares her professional postures as well as her glass-hour body on her social media. Especially, the yoga poses that she carries out are ones that not everyone can pull off.

Kim Syung Hee is one of the sexiest yoga instructors in Korea

Yoga is a healthy exercise that originated in India. Doing this practice, you must maintain a position and control your breathing. Not only helps the body more flexible, but this method also makes the practitioner feel relaxed and relieved. There are many yoga postures ranging from easy to difficult levels. In the photo, Kim Syung Hee performed the Tittibhasana B. Some people can keep this shape for more than 2 minutes.

Yoga Syung Hee
The Korean yoga teacher does Tittibhasana B

And yet, yoga is also a healthy method that many people choose as a way to lose weight. When performing flexible exercises in yoga, the muscles are forced to operate at full capacity thereby burning fat. In the photo, the Korean yoga teacher performs the eka pada sirsasana (one leg on the neck).

This posture trains the nape of the neck and back while thigh and leg muscles are stretched and the abdominal muscles shrink to enhance digestive function.

Eka pada sirsasana

The handstand pose is very mainstream in yoga and has many variations. This is also one of the hardest poses that require hard training and appropriate methods or else it would cause injuries. Nevertheless, handstand brings a lot of health benefits such as helping the heart and circulatory system rest.

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Yoga Korean 1
She does handstand a lot of times already

Moreover, Yoganidrasana (sleeping yoga posture) is an advanced pose. When practicing this posture, you will feel warm very quickly, and relaxed, above all. In particular, yoga practitioners must go through 7 steps to reach this posture.

Yoga 6
Yoganidrasana aka sleepinh yoga posture

By practicing yoga every day, Kim Syung Hee achieves a tall, slender body, no excess fat but no obvious muscle gained. This figure is the dream of many girls. The Natarajasana posture that the Korean beauty performs in the image is quite difficult to follow but good for the spine, shoulder blades.

Thanks to its good effects, many models, artists love yoga and regularly post photos of their yoga sessions on the social networks. In addition to losing weight and improving body shape, this discipline contributes to maintaining the beauty and preventing aging, helping the practitioner look young and fresh. For that reason, Kim Syung Hee not only looks beautiful, but she also receives many compliments about her beauty.

Yoga 3
Kim Syung Hee shocks many with her nearly impossible poses

Syung Hee was commented to have a standard body model with ideal height, lean physique, and sexy measurements. She did not hesitate to show off hot bikini photos, flaunting her eye-popping body curves.

Under the photos and videos, she posts on her personal account are a lot of compliments for her professional yoga skills and breathtaking charm. She is also considered as one of the most beautiful yoga instructors in Korea. Check out more eye-burning pictures of the beautiful Korean yoga teacher:

korean yoga teacher 3

Yoga 2

Yoga 5 korean yoga teacher

korean yoga teacher 2

Yoga Syung Hee 1 korean yoga teacher
The yoga instructor has a scalding hot body

Thanks to her fame online, Syung Hee has been sought after by many brands. Therefore, she has more incomings from advertising posts on her social media account. Not only showering her with praises about her beauty, the followers even left comments expressing their hope that she would join the entertainment industry.

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