Top 6 Cosmetics Every Guy Should Use Before A Date Night

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 23, 2019

Here is a life saver list of the 6 basic cosmetics that should be in your bag which would help you to look at your very best.

You never know when will lady luck favor you. And when and if she does you should be at your best. The same rule applies for dates too. You never know when you are going to end up with one and if you do, you should be looking fresh and alive to sweep your lady off her feet.

With a daily routine of work, your face takes a toll too. There is a lot of pollution and dust around you. And you never want to look dull, just out of your office cabin if you have a date on weekdays. And what if you are busy with your work on weekends too.

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So, here is a life saver list of the 6 basic cosmetics that should be in your bag which would help you to look at your very best. And plus, it's a bonus if you nail your looks and gets complimented for the same by your date.

Shampoo & Conditioner

How To Wash Your Hair Men
Sweat makes your hair look more oily and greasy and that's the last way to turn up on a date. So if you have a limited luxury of time to get dressed up for your date after a long day at work, the shampoo with conditioner duo would come to your rescue.

It will wipe clean the oily and greasy look off your hair and will give it a dense and conditioned look. Good enough to leave a lasting first impression and that's what you here for right.

Face Wash And Beard Wash

Men Cleansers
Any brand which would help your skin glow and look alive will work. Go to your favorite brand. But if you have a beard, then you don't want some annoying itch whilst talking to your date. For that, you need to wash your stubble and apply it with suitable beard serum.

Again the choice of brand is completely upon you. Having a fresh face and even fresher beard will leave a scent of good romance around you.

Lip Balm

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This is the most ignored part by men. Just imagine that you have an amazing car but with a dent upfront. Does it look good? No right? The same rule goes here.

It's not just hair, beard, and your face. You should take care of your lips too with the cosmetics, and believe me we girls do check out guys lips. A good lip balm of any choice would give it a healthy look and glow.

BB Cream


Your face wash gave you a fresh look but to maintain that you need to take care of your skin by applying some BB Cream. And believe me, most men do use BB cream cosmetics but are shy to speak about it.

And this is one of the secret mantras behind that never aging the skin of your favorite Bollywood actors. Choose a good BB Cream which helps you to save your skin from harmful sun rays.


A must in your kit. Concealer helps you to get rid of that acne, wrinkles, or the irritating dark circles because of spending too much time in front of computers.

So let your concealer conceal all your "superficial" problems on your face. It is one of the best and important cosmetics you should use before a date night.

Hand Cream

Mans Hands With White Cream Tube
It's an amazing feeling to hold a soft and beautiful girls hands, isn't it? The same applies to us too. It's an immediate turn down if we the guy has rough and patch hands. So start developing a habit of applying hand lotion.

This will not only make your hands soft but also it would be an amazing experience for the girl too. Come on, If you are following all the other steps then why not this. Trust me this might work on your favor and you might end being complimented for the same.

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