Check Out Top 10 Best Hairstyles For Square Face Male

Salena Harshini |Jul 05, 2019

These haircuts are the best hairstyles for square face male. They are in common use and certainly never go out of fashion. Check out our top 10 best hairstyles!

A square face is widely considered the manliest face shape for men, and it suits plenty of hairstyles. This is by dint of a protuberant jawline, square forehead along with straight sides. Therefore, the square face looks quite sharp and gaunt. The aim of the haircuts is to make the angle of the face softer. You can totally opt from a hundred of various hairstyles. However, we are going to introduce to you the top 10 best hairstyles for square face male. They are among the most popular and favorite hairstyles of the masculine side.

Top 10 best hairstyles for square face male:

1. Buzz Cut

The first style of best hairstyles for square face male is buzzcut. Because buzzcut is naturally short, it makes really good work of emphasizing a square face.

best hairstyle for square face male - Buzzcut

Choosing some kind of haircuts such as a butch cut, Ivy League or crew cut will highlight your acute facial features. Comparing to pompadours, buzzcut is likely to appear shorter. Therefore, you need to be sure that your hair won’t be cut too short.

2. Comb Over

best hairstyle for square face male - Comb Over
Comb over

If your face has a square figure, another excellent choice is brush over. Your facial components and your hair should be highlighted likewise. In terms of your facial feature, choosing a short and tight cut will be a good idea. For emphasizing the hair, the best way to make perfect haircut for square face male is opting for a longer trim.

Especially, the one where the top and back or sides have the same length will do. You should avoid parting hair in the middle or cutting it with heavy outlying. These acts will make your face unbalanced and lessen its strong outlook.

3. Side Part Sweeping

Side part sweeping 

This special modification of side-swept is among the best hairstyles for square face male. It is an out-of-portion haircut as your hair will have one side with extremely long hair, while the remained side has significantly shorter hair.

The fade placement line will be moved to a really high fade, and the normal side is parted to extremes and pushed to limits, while the hair in front is shaped with the length as the chin. It is considered a bold hairstyle, so it will totally be a great choice for you if you prefer adventurous cut.

4. Pompadour Fade with Beard

best hairstyles for square face male - Pompadour Hair
Pompadour fade with beard

Pompadour haircut has been very popular as the best hairstyle for square male face because it perfectly matches and emphasizes the face shape along with hair texture. Short pompadours conquer as they bring attention to the face rather than hair. On the other hand, medium and long pompadours are less favored as with those haircuts, the face may look too long or rectangular.

5. Undercut

The ever trusty and widespread undercut once again appear in the list of best haircuts for square face male. Its reputation is built due to it's supporting the highlighting of the face with the fashioned top and tight sides. We recommend the undercut to be kept on your shorter hair side as with a square face.

Undercut Slicked Back

Moreover, slicked back undercut is the best match for facial features with accentuation. The face will catch more attention as the hair has been slicked back. It fits for men of all regions. It is the best for European, finest hairstyle for square face male Indian and also best hairstyle for square face male Asian.

6. Top Knot

best haircut for square face male Top knot

This hairstyle varied from the man bun, where all hair is pulled up to the top of the crown or the top of the head, and tied with a ban to make a knot. This is an awesome long hairstyle for square face male. Long hair is all drawn to one knot, doing a great job in emphasizing the face. On another hand, your hair can be the focal point if some of your hair is let loose.

7. Tapered and Layered

Tapered and layered

Men who have a square face and straight or wavy hair will be fond of this haircut. A little beard in bonus can mark the upgrading of the short hairstyle.

8. Wavy Topped Fade

Wavy Top Fade
Wavy topped fade

This one hairstyle is widely claimed to work on almost every type of facial features, of course including square-shaped. It is certainly one of the hottest haircuts at the moment.

9. Short Back and Sides

Short Back And Sides
Short back and sides

Undercuts are the best. Fusing with the face line, this undercut style with sweeping and parting creates a fair and charming look for the men.

10. Crew Cut

Crew cut

Another look that can match almost everybody, no matter what color of their skin or facial features or hair color they have. This is also a worldwide famous hairstyle like an undercut. They are all worthy to be named in the list of the best hairstyles for square face male.

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