Things You May Not Know About Kourtney Kardashian’s Workouts Routine

Priyansh Ha |Jan 19, 2019

And the question is: How exactly is she able to maintain her on point fitness and her defined abs? Keeping up with this article to get the answer.

Kourtney Kardashian's abs and body are incredible.

As we can see from her Instagram, Kourtney’s hard-earned muscles are fabulous and something that she is definitely proud of.

The big sister of Kardashian family has an Instagram feed filled with her hot images in swimsuits (even on snowy days), beautiful magazine spreads as well as selfies full of workout sweats. Kourtney’s visible abs, toned shoulder, and thighs with the widely-known Kardashian signature backside are regularly posted on her social media accounts.

And the question is: How exactly is she able to maintain her on point fitness and her defined abs? Keeping up with this article to get the answer.

Don Brooks is the trainer who pushes her forward.

1. Get A Trainer To Kick Her Butt

If you use her app, you can see that she used to upload her training routine with some exercises under trainer’s guidance. Don Brooks (@donamatrixtraining) - her trainer uses a method called "The Don-A-Matrix,” which he confirmed that it bore a resemblance to a four-quarter sports game.

According to his interview on E! News, every quarter includes 3 sections of two distinct exercises linked with break times afterward. The method applies the resist-a-bands frequently, which is stated to be very useful in toning without injury or bulking.

Generally, his workout method encompasses exercises which enhance strength blended with insanely hard cardio moves. On another video on Youtube, Kourtney appears to use a TRX suspension trainer, battle ropes and BOSU balls.

E! Online also mentions Amanda Lee - another trainer of Kourtney. Lee opens up on multiple Kourtney’s HIIT workouts with her and intense training such as squats and lunges to fatigue.

A post-workout selfie with her sister Khloe.

2. Trust Her Workout Partners

It’s her sister Khloe, or sometimes Kim, as you can always see. It’s not hard to find a fabulous photo of the Kardashian sisters showing off at the gym during the badass workout or after the sweat.

Kourtney gives all credits to her siblings who keep pushing her forward. Thank them, Kourtney always feels motivated to strictly follow her regular schedule. In fact, she needs at least 4 days a week of exercises to keep her body in shape.

Khloe even reveals how much she is impressed with Kourtney’s abs. "Can you believe my sisters' abs?!?!??," she wrote in one of her posts. "I see you boo!!!! I miss my workout buddy!!! You're my motivation!"

The Kardashians are all ready to hit the slopes.

3. She Moves It Outsides

Spending a vacation with the whole family in Aspen, Colorado early this year, Kourtney was excited to share a picture with her two sisters Kendall and Kylie. Gearing up in winter attire, Kourtney is ready to start her workout mode again by hitting the slopes.

When it comes to the summer, you will see Kourtney sharing post here and there going hiking around SoCal, playing tennis and volleyball. To Kourtney, fitness is not only about tough exercises, but it can also be fun and enjoyable too!

4. She Sneaks In Cardio

A youtube video has shown her doing burpees and climbing mountain. Also, she jumps rope to warm up as she always loves to.

Throwing punches seem to be so much fun!

5. Throwing Punches

Apart from hitting the gym, Kourt’s IG photos also reveal another favorite activity of her, boxing. It is very popular among celebrities as a tough total-body workout. She looks like a real fighter when throwing punches. She is sweaty, healthy and happy with bags and boxing gloves.

Staying in shape even while enjoying vacations.

6. Keep Moving Even When It's Vacation

Travelling seems to be a tradition of the Kardashians as you may know. All of them like to travel as the whole family as well as solo and Kourtney is no exception. Of course, her vacations always include active outdoor activities.


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