The Health Problems Underlying Your Nail Grooves

Jyotis |Oct 10, 2018

Do you know that the grooves appearing on your nails are connecting to many type of serious diseases?

Do you know that the grooves appearing on your nails are connecting to many types of serious diseases?

“Nails can reveal an amazing fact about your health,” says Dr Lucy Hooper of Good Zing. Having an important role like our heart, our nails will reflect exactly what is going on in our body. The doctor shared that when she was a student of the Medical School, the professors taught her that before checking the heart rate, she should observe the patients' hands, especially the nails. The changing colours of the nails can reflect the state of serious disease, even cancer. Also, we can determine what kind of vitamin or mineral we're lack of through the grooves on the nails.

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In general, your nails are the 24-hours clock to measure the state of your health. If seeing something unnormal appearing on your nails, meet the doctor immediately!


If only observing by our normal eyes, these horizontal grooves, or so-called Beau’s Lines, are just the lines beginning deep in our nails.

Dr. Hooper said that our nails are developing ceaselessly. Their length increase about mm per 6-10 days. In case some unnormal thing such as stress occurs and interrupt the growing process of the nails. The energy will be cut out of your nails. This results in the horizontal grooves on your nails after the body normalize.

“Beau’s Lines have been the popular issue at the hospital recently,” shares Dr Hooper. Especially, these horizontal lines often appear on the patients of Raynaud disease. Also, these lines appear on about 10% of the population, especially on young women. More seriously, after chemotherapy treatment, you'll have a higher ability to have the horizontal grooves.


Though there's no absolute research on what has caused Beau's Lines, the scientists have determined top five factors that increase your risk:

• Cold atmosphere

• Heart disease symptoms

• Lack of vitamin and mineral (zinc, iron, etc)

• The unscientific diet

• An inflammatory state like psoriasis

Other causes of Beau's Lines include the direct hurt to the nails, infection, even diabetes.


We can prevent Beau’s Lines by the following methods:

• Prevent your body from being cold by put in gloves

• Plan to have a healthy diet which provides enough nutrient for your body

• Avoid working under pressure and take rest reasonably

What if these grooves appear ceaselessly after your protected yourself carefully?

Dr. Hooper said that these grooves can reflect some serious diseases such as liver and kidney, even melanoma - aka skin cancer. To be exact, if there's a brown or dark black line appear on your nails, you should meet the doctor immediately for the exact examination.


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