Don't Waste A Day In Your Life With Those 6 Worst Types Of Boyfriends. Stay Away!

Priyansh Ha |Apr 12, 2019

Dating in real like is far from your fantasy as there are plenty of jerks ready to get in your way.

To be honest, dating is not fun all the time, especially when your partner is a bad boy pretending to be a charming prince. Dating, however, is also a learning experience from which, you rise, you fall, and you learn.

At some points in the long process, you will find yourself the female lead in a rom-com who has to unlock all the characters until meeting your Mr Right. Have you ever?

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However, it doesn’t mean that you have to “test” all types of guys before finding your perfect match. Below are the worst of the worst kind of guys you will never want to waste a day in your life with them.

The "Where’s my hug?" Guy

Believe me, these words can make me panic. I never hug anyone who is out of my friend circle. It’s really irritating and creepy to give a hug which lasts too long, like forever. And you know, a "Where's my hug?" guy is precisely the one who would give you that kind of hug.

The "Sorry, I fell asleep" Guy

Watch out! It’s a red signal that most women tend to overlook. Do you think your relationship is fine? It’s fine until your conversations, calls and texts end up with a classic excuse: "Sorry, I fell asleep." He’s clearly losing his interests. All of us have a long tired day of works and gyms, but if someone takes you as his priority, he will make time for you.

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It-Takes-A-Day-For-Texting "U up?" Guys

These “U up?” guys are everywhere around us that I bet you know at least one. If you have been in a relationship long enough, you must have received that kind of message at some points. What do you think about a guy who is quiet during the day then drop you a text in the late night or early morning? He could have text you in the day time, planning for a movie night or a dinner, (even when you’re not really into it). Instead of being his priority, you’re treated like an afterthought who he's only thinking about when he’s horny.


The “Black Friend” Racist

It’s unbelievable that racism is still everywhere despite the fact that it’s already 2019. How to tell if your potential partner is racist? If he has ever offended a friend from a marginalised group giving the excuse like "I have black friends who weren't offended by this", he would be exactly the type we’re talking about. And you know what to do next.

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The Cheapskate

Have you ever caught your boyfriend wincing at the bill or taking note of his date expense? Or have he ever gave you that subtle look which made you nervous and had to contribute to the bill in Olive Garden? Mr Cheapskate is right here. Of course, we don't judge anyone base on their financial situation, and it’s not a big deal to share the bill. All of us, however, will feel more comfortable being with a generous guy who put all his efforts into the relationship as well as the date.

The One Who Keeps Sending Unexpected Imitate Pics 

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Don't share your naked pictures with anyone.

Keep it. Not him!


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