Simple Yet Effective Home Remedies To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Nagini Shree |Mar 31, 2019

Fed up of chapped or dry lips? Here are a few home remedies to retain the softness of your lips.

Your smile is not all about your shiny white teeth only but about your lips as well! Who doesn't desire soft, pink and luscious lips?

Many ladies suffer from dry, dull and discolored lips which both look and feel unpleasant. It is necessary to give some extra care and attention to your lips to replenish their natural softness and smoothness. Here's how to get pretty pink lips in a jiffy!

1. Moisturizing

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The skin on your lips is thinner. Your lips do not have any sweat glands, plus lip's ultra-thin layers of skin, making them a disaster zone of potential damage. So they require special care on a daily basis to keep them moisturized and looking healthy.

Remember to apply lip balm every night before going to bed. The lesser chemicals it has, the better it will be for your lips. Coconut oil also can be used as a lip gloss thanks to its subtle shine.

Moreover, getting enough water a day will benefit your body in lots of ways, and fuller-looking lips are an added benefit. Moisturising also prevents premature aging of lips.

2. Scrubbing


Exfoliation is essential – be it for your body, face or lips. It helps to remove the barrier of dead skin cells and uncover fresh new cells. A homemade scrub using natural ingredients can work wonder on your lips.

A recipe of honey and sugar is an excellent way to exfoliate and nourish your lips. You will also need to add oil to soften your lips. Olive oil works well with the sugar mixture, but you can also use unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, or sweet almond oil. Scrubbing off the dead skin is a must for good looks and plump lips.

3. Masking

Before And After Lips

Masking is a vital step in any woman’s skincare routine. But there’s another crucial step that your routine might be missing: Lip masks. Honey and milk is a miraculous combination remedy.

Both honey and honey are known as a natural humectant, helps to moisturize your lips intensively. These ingredients clubbed together to work wonders for pigmented lips and will help you get soft and pink lips.


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