Top Versatile Shoulder Length Haircuts For Every Gorgeous Woman Out There

Salena Harshini |Jul 20, 2019

To ensure you with the most dazzling look, we would very like to introduce to you 10 best shoulder length haircuts ever.

Shoulder length haircuts are often deemed as the shift stage between a bob and a long flowing hairstyle. However, there should be a reason why you are seeing this shoulder-length looks everywhere, from the streets you walk by every day to the red carpet filled with celebrities.

We must admit that it says no to blandness. Shoulder length hairstyles are not only diverse, practical but also very stylish, highlighting the perfect offset between a long cut’s flexibility and a short style’s effortlessness.

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Wondering how to style shoulder-length hair to have a more gorgeous look than ever? We have some suggestions for you to consider. Whatever season it is at your place, whichever event you are going to attend, shoulder length hairstyles should be your lucky, and of course, beauty charm.

Blunt ends

Blunt Ends - shoulder length hair how to style
Blunt Ends

What you can see in this haircut is simplicity. The layers are kept minimal. And the ends? Totally brusque in an appealing way. Although you can choose to add some face-framing levels, make sure their length is the same. Therefore, your hair is easier to style and the ends look as thickest as possible. Blunt ends haircut totally is a good choice for thin-haired ladies.

Full bangs

Full Bangs - hairstyles for shoulder length hair
Full Bangs

Keep it simple but chic with full bangs shoulder cut. The bangs are the spotlight with the rest are just long layers. If you are finding some new shoulder length hairstyles to spice up your usual style, bangs may be the answer.

Natural volume

Natural Volume - shoulder length curly hair
Natural Volume

In case you have denser curls, layers are the base to create the shape and volume for this short cut. Layers should begin mid-route down the hair shaft. That will enable you to evade the unbalanced "triangle" shape that girls with curly hair often have to cope with.


Angled Bob - shoulder hair length haircuts

A haircut that works incredibly well with thick hair. Though it curbs the layering amount, it includes the back hair cut slightly shorter to give rise to the angled look. You will surely pull it off with its uniqueness.


Shaggy - hair shoulder length styles

Shag is a classic shoulder length haircut with layers. It is back loud and clear, and we all fall in love with its bangs, layers and the shagginess overall. The hair should always touch the shoulders and the start of the layers should go from beneath eye level.

Stacked layers

Stacked Layers - shoulder length hair in layers
Stacked Layers

Different from the blunt angled shoulder hair, the back of this style has utmost volume created by layering. The body is pumped up by these layers in the back, meanwhile around your face is oblique layering. It is definitely one of the best shoulder length haircuts.

Airy layers

Airy Layers - shoulder length hair in layers
Airy Layers

Another hair cut that is shoulder length layered. You will soon see your hair drifting and bobbing like a cloud with this style. All the elegant layers will bring an upgrade to your daily look and also spices it up for flat hair.


Face Framing - shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair

Face framing does the main work in embracing the nice feature of the face without the insanely short layers which will be fussy when styling. Having face-framing highlights combine with these layers is the most effortless way to possess a totally swanky hairstyle.

Middle parted bangs

Middle Parted Bangs - hair to shoulder length
Middle Parted Bangs

Among the shoulder length haircuts, and for a woman that is very fashion-oriented, middle-parted bangs should be a bold yet chic movement. A middle part consists of layers and bangs to bring more texture and sass. The length of this hairstyle hits only a smidgen down the shoulder. It depends on your favor and comfort zone that you opt for the length of your bangs, long enough to touch near the chin or just high on the cheekbone level.

Textured layers

Textured Layers 1 - hair to shoulder length
Textured Layers

If you want to try shoulder length wavy hair, textured layered look will be a big help for your desired envy-provoking summer look. It sure does good work in framing the face. In the back, the layering is a little shorter. Adding a bit of texturizing spray is a major contribution to styling this cut. Like angled cut, this hairstyle is a great combo with thick hair.

Among all the shoulder length haircuts we have recommended, have you been able to choose the most suitable one for yourself? If you’re done with the picking, then don’t be hesitated to go to the barbershop and come back with a refreshing and more stunning look than ever.

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