Shanina Shaik's Top Choices For Autum-Winter 2019 Fashion Trends

Priyansh Ha |Mar 05, 2019

Among various fashion trends coming in this season, Shaik has picked up her best options to go with.


Stepping into the fashion world at the age of eight, the Australian model Shanina Shaik has been in the industry for up to 2 decades. With such a long time experiencing high-fashion, being regular on international fashion weeks, the 28-year-old model has developed her signature style whenever it comes to her off-duty or street style looks.

Shanina Shaik’s style is a flattering mixture between polished classics and new streetwear labels. Among high-fashion designers, Tom Ford, Versace, Zimmermann and Givenchy are her favourite of all time.

Talking about individual styles, Shaik believes that each person should create her/his style so they can feel comfortable being themselves. The face of Chadstone's Autumn/ Winter 2019 campaign encourages people to pick up any style suitable for them, to wear anything they love.

Among various fashion trends coming in this season, Shaik has picked up few options for her own.

Shania Shaik in bright purple leather suit from Gucci.

1. Candy-coloured Separates

This year's fashion trends are all about colours, in which candy-coloured shades is the queen. Appearing at the Spring ‘19 runways last year, the fashion world was hypnotized with the yellow tailored suit at Boss and Gucci’s bright purple leather pairs.

"This trend is so fun because of the endless colours you can wear," says Shaik. "I would wear a baby-blue suit with a white turtleneck and simple pumps."

The model looks elegant yet straightforward in neutral shades of beige.

2. Beige-on-beige

In the opposite of candy, shades are neutral shades of beige. Who says beige is boring?

You can make the best out of beige when embracing it entirely. For example, a mix match between sandy gold and dark caramel effortlessly stunning. That’s why Shaik is a big fan of beige. Her favourite look is to mix beige cargo pants with heels or sneaker. It’s definitely the new black!

If you're hesitating on playing with beige, experiment the shades by looking a hit of optic silver or white accessories which are in contrasting tones.

Whenever Shatik wants to give a little masculine feel to her look, the blazer is her top choice.

3. Boxy Blazers

The blazer can be seen as the most flexible item in your wardrobe which you can wear to a boardroom or a bar. Throughout the autumn/winter '19 fashion week, this iconic item iterated at  Fendi, Ance and Salvatore Ferragamo runways in dark shades with boxy silhouettes. The top-heavy, dramatic shape of these design is essential to level up the sophistication of your autumn wardrobe.

Whenever Shatik wants to give a little masculine feel to her look, the blazer is her top choice. It’s also interesting to wear it with a dress so you will look both masculine and feminine at the same time.

Shaik in a brown teddy coat which is perfect for an autumn look.

4. Autumnal Colours

When it comes to a more elegant and sophisticated palette, think about autumnal shades like whiskey red and cherry red. Whiskey brown teddy coats and camel trench coats are the best options for a cool-climate outwear.

"I love all these colours; I feel like they go well with all skin tones," says the model. Her secret is oranges, and leafy greens will make the best out of your cool look. "I love a nice khaki coloured coat for fall."

The Australian model is elegant in a scarf print jacket.

5. Scarf Print

The emerging scarf prints trend is spreading all over every street-style set of the fashion week. They all-powerful weapon to elevate the elegance of your outfit, especially those all-black ensembles. 

According to the veteran model, she gives all credits to scarf prints when she needs a vintage finish for the set. "I love scarf print because of all the different colours and patterns. The material is so comfortable. I would also wear a scarf print dress and simple heels for a night out," said Shaik


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