Scientists Revealed 6 Things We Couldn't Do In Our Dreams

Salena Harshini |Aug 30, 2020

It almost seems like we can do everything in our dreams, but it doesn't. Here are some interesting facts about dreams you may haven't known about.

Although the purpose of dreams is still not fully fathomed, it cannot stop our brains from making weird yet beautiful concepts in various worlds which leaves us stunned when we wake up. However, for some reason, specific ordinary actions and objects do not seem to ever appear in your dreams, while alien battles or flying bears might be seen sometimes.

From mirrors to smartphones, here are 6 things we couldn't do in our dreams, proven by scientists.

1. Seeing smartphones

As per research, just about 2.69% of men and 3.55% of women see smartphones while dreaming. This might be in connection to the fact that modern devices have been in our lives quite recently and the brains are not really used to them.

Smartphone Alia Varun
Not many people can see a smartphone when they are in a dream

However, multiple cases might trigger the presence of smartphones there. Alice Robb, the author of a book writing about dreams, shared that people seem to see more smartphones in the dream when they are dealing with some intense life events, such as losing a beloved one or mourning.

2. Reading, writing or actually speaking

When we are asleep, the regions in the brains which work to interpret language are less active and that is why expressing and forming language may be difficult in dreams.

Shah Rukh Khan Speak
Surprisingly, speaking is also one of the things we couldn't do in our dreams

For instance, some people share that they are unsure that they as well as other people can actually speak in their dreams. Therefore, communication between them is more like telepathy as the sound of talking can hardly be heard there.

The same goes for writing, reading, and telling time. We can understand the general idea but we cab hardly distinguish individual words and see the exact time.

Bollywood Stars Read
Writing and reading also appear very vaguely in our dreams

On another hand, those who use language a lot in their daily life like poets or writers might be able to get the language in dream and come across new ideas which can be used after they wake up.

3. Meeting strangers

There is a theory that brains cannot “invent” new people and the strangers who we see in our dreams are people we have already seen somewhere or their faces are the mix of the features that we have already witnessed.

Before Sunrise Strangers
Strangers? There are no such words in dreams

You may not remember those faces as the interaction was meaningless and brief like when we see someone on television commercials or in the crowd and not remember them consciously.

Nothing probably can stop your brains from suggesting new faces. Yet still, they are very likely to be based on the facial features that you have already encountered somewhere.

4. Doing physical activities

You may have been there trying to run, jump, or fight but the whole thing just feels like it is in slow motion no matter how hard you try. Scientists also reveal that time can be perceived differently as we sleep, either slower or faster.

Running Slow Motion
Physical activities like running or jumping are also things we couldn't do in our dreams

Moreover, dreams are seen during REM sleep and our muscles are relaxed and immobilized during this time. That is why your brains assure that you don’t act on what you are dreaming about.

5. Looking at ourselves in the mirror

In the real world, reflections stick to the physics laws but dreams are made by our subconscious memories and expectation and the rules in real life do not apply there. That is why you usually see either something undistinguishable and blurry in the mirror. If not, we may see our faces transformed in an odd way.

Oops, taking mirror selfies is also one of the things we couldn't do in our dreams

For the unversed, the things you see in the mirror may have some connection with the events in your daily life, the struggles or the self-esteem of yours.

6. Tasting food

One of the things we could not do in our dreams is tasting food. An expert said that we can hardly get to experience the feeling of full eating in dreams and we have an intention to remember that we were ready to eat or just finished eating.

Even when you can remember the eating process, you may have problems with identifying what we were actually devouring and how it tasted like.

To our surprise, tasting food is also among the things we couldn't do in our dreams

There are actually those who can taste food in their dreams, especially lucid dreamers.

The brains make dreams based on the experiences that we have had in real-life or we can have our own idea of the way something may feel.

Therefore, in case you can taste it, the food in your dream might have the taste like what you have imagined, even better, or an unpredictable flavor based on your memories and expectations.

Haechan Eating
Even if you can actually taste some flavors in your dreams, it would not be the same as reality

Here are what Internet users share about their dream experience:

  • I can’t run without tripping or use logic to hide. My hiding skills are legendary in my family, but in dreams, it’s like I’m walking around with a giant balloon that says, “I’m over here!” @AnneAuthor /Reddit
  • I used to never be able to walk on my feet. I was always levitating in a strange way, it was as if someone was always holding me up. @AttackParty / Reddit
  • I can’t recall names or numbers from dreams. Even if they’re shown to me multiple times in the dream. @Phantomdust84 /Reddit
  • I can’t turn on lights, drive any ground vehicle, swim, or even float. @tangyradar /Reddit
  • I can’t blow candles out on a birthday cake. @The1983 /Reddit

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