How Will The New Moon September 2019 Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (Part 2)

Kaira Immre |Sep 01, 2019

New Moon September in Libra will be time to see people’s growth in communication and relationships. So, how will your life be changed by this special new moon? Discover the effects of New Moon September 2019 through 12 zodiac signs.

A new moon shows the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. The combination between Sun and Moon will create an energetic and initiative blooming. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to put a new start, chapter or project by yourself. If you’re wondering what may happen in new moon September, this post will give you some predictions based on your zodiac sign.


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September New Moon will help you remove the sadness you suffered before. It’s time for you to be open the heart and enjoy the love and this month is a good time for Libra’s health as well. Relax and enjoy all the happy journey.


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The most outstanding thing for Scorpio zodiac sign in this month is making decisions. You may see yourself be landed in deep thoughts about what you want to do. So, focus and keep conscious to give the right direction.


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New Moon September 2019 foretells Sagittarians that you’re on the way of creating a breakthrough in your career. Also, you will have a memorable time with your family and friends, especially if you’re in a relationship, you’ll see your partner more trustful and closer.

For single ones, this period is also optimistic because you start to open your heart and feeling. Be smart and keep career and love balance and harmony together!


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Goodbye tension. SURE. Capricorn should relieve all the conflicts or repair broken relationships with colleagues this September. Although not everyone can skip all the problems and have fun together, you still need to try the best to make peace with others.


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September 2019 will bring this zodiac sign surprising things in life. It’s because there is someone in your memory lane that suddenly makes a reappearance, which makes you happy so much, Aquarians. Besides, your personality will shine in education and your family is extremely proud of your achievements.


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According to the Pisces’s September horoscope, this zodiac sign will experience a lot of love, especially a new sexual adventure till the end of the month. If you’re in a closer relationship with the lover, you have to talk to her/him about your sexual demands or even skills.


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