How Will The New Moon September 2019 Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (Part 1)

Kaira Immre |Aug 31, 2019

New Moon September in Libra will be time to see people’s growth in communication and relationships. So, how will your life be changed by this special new moon? Discover the effects of New Moon September 2019 through 12 zodiac signs.

A new moon shows the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. The combination between Sun and Moon will create an energetic and initiative blooming. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to put a new start, chapter or project by yourself. If you’re wondering what may happen in new moon September, this post will give you some predictions based on your zodiac sign.


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When September 2019 begins, the Moon is going through Aries. This means Aries will have a chance to make a new start and maybe landed in creativity, however, the Mercury may constrain your initiative and energy blooming in you.

Luckily, September New Moon shall give you a lesson of controlling the anger and impatience. All the things you need to do is expressing your ideas and feelings and creating many new things.


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Taurus – a Sun sign is ruled by Venus, so this month will be a powerful time for you. You have been dreaming of a new change in life for a time, right?

Well, September 2019 will give you strength and energy to reach the goal in both your personal and working life. Besides, you should also take advantage of this time to care more about your family and relatives.


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In this new moon, your love island will be changed the most among all fields. It’s an ideal time to nurture yourself, arrange relationships, and pleasure, sensuality and passion are things you will get. Well, prepare and enjoy them.


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September won’t be a great time for you, Cancer. It’s easy for you to feel more bossy, impatient towards your friends and relatives in life. Fortunately, this behavior will not last long because the attitude adjustment can be turned into actions in the second half of the month.


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Congratulations, Leo! Your love life seems to have a breakthrough because you may meet someone extremely special during New Moon September. Besides, for the professional field, this is also a good period as there may have doors opening in your career. Make your effort and get the best in this month.


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This zodiac sign should re-balance the feeling, heart and passion this September. You have the ability of communication, especially knowing how to make other people be by your side. Trust yourself and feel the power of your passion in life, you can obtain the goals you’ve been thinking about.


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