Use This Mother’s Day Frame To Say How You Love Mom!

Hanima Anand |May 09, 2020

If you haven’t told Mom how you love her, this is the time! Use these special Mother’s Day frames on your Facebook avatar to show love in a wise way!

Tomorrow, May 10th, the entire world will celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 with best wishes, flowers, gifts and everything lovely they can think of. But what should you do to make this day special during the lockdown? Use a sweet Mother’s Day frame from!

Mother's Day frame 1
Happy Mother's Day 2020 - Frame Number 1.

Click here to apply this Mother's Day Frame 1!

Feel free to pick one of these Mother’s Day frames which are specially designed for Mother’s Day 2020. Starbiz is more than happy when we can contribute a bit to make your Mom proud of her child!

Mother's Day frame 2
Happy Mother's Day 2020! - Frame Number 2.

Link to apply Mother's Day Frame 2.

Click on the link to apply the frame on your Facebook avatar but make sure you’re already logged into Facebook account on your device!

Mother's Day frame 3
Happy Mother's Day 2020! - Frame Number 3.

Click to apply Mother's Day Frame 3!

How sweet it is when you can express how grateful you are towards Mom, the woman who has sacrificed her whole life to take care of you!

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Mother's Day frame 4
Happy Mother's Day 2020! - Frame Number 4.

Here's the link to apply Mother's Day Frame 4!

We understand it’s hard to say directly “I love you, Mom.” That’s why we made this.

Please share this to your friends so everyone can pick their favourite Mother’s Day frame 2020!

Mother's Day frame 5
Happy Mother's Day 2020! - Frame Number 5.

Click if you choose Mother's Day Frame 5!

In case you lack ideas to celebrate this year Mother’s Day, check our previous post on Mother Day Virtual Ideas!

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