Best Mother's Day Movies You Can Watch With Your Mother On Her Special Day

Salena Harshini |May 10, 2020

On the special occasion of Mother's Day, take a look at the best Indian and Hollywood films that honor the role of a mother in one's life.

Mothers play an essential role in one’s life and there is no argument about it. She stands the testimony for love, sacrifice and affection. She is your first friend, the instructor who nurtures you without a mandate for repaying. That is why, to honor their unconditional love and care, we celebrate Mother’s Day all over the world every May’s second Sunday which this year falls on May 10.

Mother Daughter
Mother's Day movies for you to watch

You may want to spend quality time with your beloved mother on this day. Cooking and dolling up are a way, but watching some movies is also a great catch. We have made a compilation of the most worth-watching Mother’s Day movies in both Indian and Hollywood industry that would pass you muster.

Bollywood and Tollywood Mother's Day Movies


Sridevi’s film centers around a woman whose daughter got brutally raped by four men. Although her daughter and she are not on a good term, the furious mom still goes to search for the rapists and kills them for the justice of her daughter.

Mom Mother's Day Movies
"Mom" is one of Sridevi's last projects

Secret Superstar

The Zaira Wasim film lets a mom go beyond the fancies and whims of her husband to give support to her daughter in the teenage age. She goes extra miles to provide her daughter with help in pursuing her passion despite the abusive father.

Secret Superstar mother's day movies
Zaira Wasim and Meher Vij brought about a heartfelt performance

In fact, the mother eventually decides to leave her husband for the sake of her child’s dream.

English Vinglish

This Mother’s Day movie portrays a mother’s struggle to adapt to her teenage children and their thoughts. Also starring late actress Sridevi, the movie was among the greatest hits of 2017.

English Vinglish
Another work of Sridevi that conquers the hearts of viewers

The theme of English Vinglish is a mother who tries her hardest to help the daughter realize her own self-value.

Mother India

Featuring Sunil Dutt, Raaj Kumar, and Nargis, Mother India tells the story of a single mother and her struggles to raise her son. Helmed by filmmaker Mehboob Khan, the flick traces on the real stories and incidents that a mother has to cope with in her life.

Mother India
Released in 1957, "Mother India" still remains a classic film of Indian cinema

Nil Battey Sannata

The movie traces down Apeksha, a grade 10 student, who does not like studying because she thinks it is vain given the financial status of Chanda, her mother.

Nil Battey Sannata
Nil Battey Sannata is also an acclaimed movie about motherhood

However, to get everything in its perspective, Chanda motivates her daughter by enrolling in the school and tutoring her daughter at the same time.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

In this amazing Mother’s Day movies, we can witness Jaya Bachchan playing a mother torn between her child and her spouse. She always longs to see her son who was disowned by his father again.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
The film also stars as starry cast with Bollywood bigwigs


In Paa, Auro suffers from a genetic disorder and hasn’t got much time left to survive. However, he has his mom stayed by his side and leave no stones unturned in fulfilling his last wish. He is lucky to have his mother side by side when battling with death.

The Amitabh Bachchan movie can steal your heart away with its touching story


One of the best Mother’s Day movies star Amitabh Bachchan, Amrita Singh, and Taapsee Pannu as the lead roles. It is made based on a mother’s revenge story to investigate the murder of her son.

The film is totally worth watching and portrays how a mom can turn into a warrior for her child.


The son of a politician and his friends abduct and sexually harass a school teacher and her daughter. The mother decides to revenge when her daughter dies from the brutal incident.

The mother seeks vengeance by fighting the broken justice and criminal system

Hollywood Mother’s Day Movies


This heartwarming and sweet Pixar animated film gives us a different princess than what we have always seen with a different adventure also.

Even Disney princesses also have fights with their mom

Merida clashes with her traditional mom as she refuses to live to the prescribed role of women in her medieval Scottish life. Some beastly curses ang high jinks help the two understand one another better.

Little Women

If you love classic literature, the movie is made for you. In the Oscar-nominated 2019 adaptation of the famous novel, Marmee is the moral compass of her daughters.

Litlte Women
“I’m angry nearly every day of my life."

Always getting her girls’ back yet she also reflects a mom in real life. The revelation comes clear when she tells Jo that she also struggles to keep everything together.

The Parent Trap

This is one of the best Mother’s Day movies starring young Lindsay Lohan. The separated twins Hallie and Annie live with their father and mother respectively while continuously wonders about their other parent.

The Parent Trap
The film is a fun movie about two identical twins and their divorced parents

They unexpectedly find each other at a summer camp and decide to switch places on their way home to see the other parent and try to bring the two back together.\

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The Sound Of Music

Among every biological mother, let’s not skip the chance to honor one of the most beloved mothers on screen: Fraulein Maria.

The Sound Of Music
The Sound of Music is also a classic of Hollywood films

Although she is initially sent as a nanny to Captain von Trapp’s home, she is the most carefree governess that his 7 kids have met and even sets light to the captain’s cold heart. She fills the house with music and love.

And in the end, Maria turns out to be what the children and their father need the most.

Lady Bird

You are missing a bittersweet, poignant portrayal of a millennial daughter-mother relationship if you have not watched this movie.

Lady Bird
Saoirse Ronan again delivers a strong performance

The coming-of-age flick follows a high school senior (Saoirse Ronan) as she navigates the connection with her overbearing, headstrong but deeplu loving mother.

Freaky Friday

A single mom struggles to maintain a harmonious relationship with her girl who is in the teenage years. After getting magic fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant, the duo wakes up finding out they have switched bodies.

Freaky Friday
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan switch bodies for one freaky Friday

Bad Moms

The last one of the Mother’s Day movies is a raunchy comedy where three tense mothers decide to join each other and blow off some steam.

Bad Moms
Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell enjoy a night of freedom and fun

What follows can be described only as a mother war, between hyperactive moms and those who band everything together.

Our list of Mother's Day movies surely does not cover all the best movies that exist, but we are sure these flicks will guarantee you the best rollercoaster ride for you and your mother.


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