Man Assaults Doctors, Accuses Them Of Spreading Coronavirus In Delhi

Ankita Chetana |Apr 09, 2020

In the late evening of Wednesday, a 42-year-old man was arrested for attacking 2 female doctors of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. Check it out!

Yesterday, an Indian man at the age of 42 accused two female doctors from Safdarjung Hospital of spreading coronavirus in the Gautam Nagar area and took a strike on them. The police there reported to arrest him in the late evening of the same day. The incident raised concern for every doctor when earlier in Indore, the locals also attacked medical staff and doctors with stones.

2 Safdarjung Hospital doctors assaulted for spreading coronavirus
2 Safdarjung Hospital doctors were assaulted for spreading coronavirus in Delhi, India

A police officer working at the Hauz Khas police station said that based on the 29-year-old resident doctor's complaint on the man who assaulted her and her sister, the police took action and chased the criminal. The two doctors live in a Gautam Nagar area, they went out to buy some vegetables and fruits in a nearby market in the neighborhood on April 8 and got attacked.

Two Doctors Accused Of Spreading Virus
The place where the incident took place on the evening of April 8

Atul Lunar Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police stated:

"We have registered a case and arrested the accused in connection with the incident."

President Manish of Safdarjung Resident Doctors' Association (RDA) noted that the strike occurred at around 9.30 pm. Actually, the two doctors aren't on the task of COVID-9, according to him. He told PTI:

"A local resident, who was in the vicinity, asked them to stay away from the fruit stall, saying you doctors bring infection from the hospital and spread it here."

Man Arrested For Attacking 2 Doctors
The 42-year-old Indian man was arrested after striking the two doctors

Manish added that when both doctors tried to explain, the 41-year-old man twisted the doctors' hands, shoved them, and then ran away. The police confirmed the RDA president's statement and indicated that the issue took place in the Gulmohar Enclave area.

Not only staying abusive and aggressive to the two doctors but the arrested man also touched the 29-year-old doctor when they intended to leave due to his accusation. The police further said that both of them were tested medically.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Government Hospital closed after a doctor tested positive for coronavirus.


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