Lunar Eclipse 2020 Do And Don't: Having S.E.X During Chandra Grahan Will Bring Bad Luck

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 05, 2020

Lunar Eclipse 2020 is believed to be the omen of bad things but there are some traditional tips (and myths) that can lessen the impact of it, check them out!

As the second lunar eclipse 2020 or Chandra Grahan 2020 is going to occur tonight, June 5, there are a few things you need to prevent your luck from being harmed due to the celestial phenomenon. In fact, Chandra Grahan is believed to cause negative effects on human lives. However, there are some traditional tips (and myths) that can lessen the impact of it.

lunar eclipse 2020
The lunar eclipse is said to bring bad luck to everyone, here's how to avoid it

Here is the lunar eclipse do and don’t you need to keep in mind:

What should we do during lunar eclipse 2020?

Chanting holy mantras: there is a common belief among Hindustan that the Sanskrit chants and mantras help decrease the bad energy generated with the Earth cast its shadow over the moon

See the lunar eclipse with naked eyes: unlike a solar eclipse, you can witness the lunar eclipse without special equipment as the light cannot hurt your eyes.

Add basil (tulsi) to your food and water: it is a longtime tradition as basil can protect your food and water from contaminating negative energy from the lunar eclipse.

Donating something: giving out things, especially food, in the name of your ancestors in Chandra Grahan is a good way to ease the harmful effect of the eclipse.

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What Exactly Counts As Sex 5
Having sex during the lunar eclipse is the thing you should avoid

What to avoid during lunar eclipse 2020?

Eating pre-cooked and raw food: food which is cooked hours before the lunar eclipse occurs is said to absorb negative energy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should not eat fresh-cooked food or keep it inside the fridge during the day while trying not to eat anything on the night of the eclipse.

As eating during Chandra Grahan is not a good idea, the cooking of food is also restricted

Traveling during a lunar eclipse: people, especially pregnant women, are advised to stay indoors during the time of Chandra Grahan as the energy could harm their luck. If you really need to go out, remember to bring along a sharp object like a knife to keep yourself from the bad energy.

Making the physical connection: try to avoid meeting and physical connection and of course, intercourse during this emotional time. In fact, having sex during a lunar eclipse is considered to be inauspicious according to Hindi Shastras


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