Life Lessons From My 20s I Felt Regretful The Most And Wish To Learn Sooner

Laavanya Hien |Jun 20, 2019

Time flies so quickly that you hardly realize what has changed you. Then you look back on them; you will find you should have known things sooner.

There are a lot of things in life that make you feel regretful for doing them late. Probably, time flies so quickly that you hardly realize what has changed you. Then you look back on them; you will find you should have known things sooner. Here are life lessons from an early age that I felt regretful the most and wish to learn sooner.

life lessons

Care, self, and prioritize

We have to deal with excessive workload every day and take no notice of how fast time has gone. We are overwhelmed with tons of deadlines, then handle multiple tasks together. Though we are exhausted, we still carry on to complete them. Without any delay, we keep performing the next mission to fulfill our to-do list.

It seems that if we stop for just a moment, it will take us a lot of time and effort to keep pace with our speedy life. However, we are too engrossed in busy schedules that we accidentally ignore the importance of taking care of ourselves. As a result, when we look back, our health deteriorates quickly, and we become much older than we can imagine.

life lessons

Now, I see my problem. It’s all about self-care which should be given top priority. Don’t misunderstand it. It doesn’t mean being unproductive, lazy, or selfish; instead, it means being responsible. Why does self-care a necessary thing to be taken into consideration? It’s because good health plays an indispensable role in helping us have a joyful life.

Moreover, you must have good health to realize any dreams that have been set up. Hence, it’s time to take action to improve your health. If you still hesitate, you will regret, for sure.

Be wise and flexible in saying NO

I admit that I have been a girl who always says YES. However, I then realized that if I continued to do it, this would be not healthy. So, I can learn I should know how to say no sometimes, but it should be flexible and wise in replying with that way.

Moreover, this even requires the decision-making process since I need to weigh up the pros and cons of any decision that I want to make. Some choices, such as choosing to hang out or picking up where to eat are easy; nonetheless, some are difficult to make as it will affect your life.

life lessons

Best life friends are your parents

When you’re young, you always follow and listen to what your parents say. But, when you become more mature, you will fully understand that parents are best friends forever. You will never come up with any better friends like them who stand by your side, support you, and take pride in you in any circumstance. You also realize how magical love of parents is.

It is one of the essential life lessons that I wish I learned sooner. However, I could be well aware of this now. Whether you are too busy with any personal schedule or not, pay more attention to your most essential persons because they will accompany you in any troubles.

life lessons

Happiness is close enough to touch

Happiness comes to those who know how to catch an opportunity. If you sit there and do nothing, you will never achieve anything that could satisfy you. Whenever an opportunity is possible to grab, do not miss it. If you are SCARED, do not stop there; instead, you are advised to take big leaps to be wiser and stronger.

life lessons

Try your best to become a good person

Our world is full of crime and its dark side. Thus, have you ever thought of taking any actions to turn it into a better place to live. Little things will accumulate to make more significant things. Hence, your small effort will help to contribute to the total profit of a community. Just do simple things, and you can express yourself as a kind and friendly person. Greet a bus driver. Smile to the doorman. Warmly welcome everybody. Compliment your friends. Help an older. Those simple things would build up to more significant positive impacts on our society.


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