10 Things About Self Improvement For The Remaining Months Of 2019

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 28, 2019

Fall, a calmer and more peaceful season, is the very time when we should care about self improvement. If you just have had terrible first eight months, make it up during the last four months of 2019.

Fall, a calmer and more peaceful season, is the very time when we should care about self improvement. If you just have had terrible first eight months, make it up during the last four months of 2019.

1. Make your emotions apparent

If you feel confident in exposing your feelings in this sold and silent world, congratulations, you are a true hero! Do not hide your affections away, let your heart breath and inner thoughts be spoken out loud. If someone grabs your attention, don't hesitate to tell them!

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2. You still have grown after all

Even though this year seems to be boring and only have vague moments, don't lose hope! Mature doesn't mean that you achieve something special, mature sometimes is seeing things from a much more sophisticated perspective. Self improvement depends heavily on how you adjust your point of view.

3. It's okay to be weak

Have ever you felt tired of being a strong person who always braces for everything? There is nothing wrong if you suddenly shed a lot of tears and let other people know that you are weak. Don't mind your outfit or your makeup is on point or not. Take things for granted and let them be!

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4. Be proud of who you are

This should be considered as one of the most basic criteria of self improvement. Appreciating what you've gained in the past gives you the hope for trying harder in the future. Honor yourself and honor the person you wish to become.

5. Stop feeling sorry about yourself

The term "Love yourself" is not just about dressing up, caring about your look, etc. It's also about praising yourself so stop apologizing for unnecessary things you did before. Be as authentic as possible! Only fools change themselves to fit into society.

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6. Being stuck is a chance to begin again

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, don't be panic! It's surprisingly a sign that you will be back on the right track, sooner or later. People need motivation all the time, so, why don't you consider being stuck as a stop station to break out?

7. Don't be sad if you haven't reached your set goals

Every accomplishment is worth to be appreciated. Perhaps, you haven't achieved this main purpose yet, you have learned a lot along the road. In case, you don't find that aim important anymore, let it go! Get out of your comfort zone and seek new experiences!

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8. Don't push yourself too hard

Life is hard but not impossible because you still survive. You've overcome tough times and now, there's nothing you're afraid of. If you feel as if so many things are put on your shoulders, take some times and have a review of what've you done. Do you see? You are a hero of your own world.

9. Feeling down? There were days you felt up

Self-improvement reminds you that you have to "rewind" all the time, good as well as bad days. Obviously, you can not choose what kind of day mood you are in, things just happen. Don't wait for a good day to come and, at the same time, don't run away from a bad day! You are having a series of terrible days but remember that you used to have satisfying days.

Self improvement advices

10. Most importantly, have faith in positive things

After the rainy day comes the sunny one. After the pain comes the ease. Everything will be okay, again. Don't let changing life extinguish the flame of faith inside you! It takes time to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself.

Do you find yourself losing the will to develop yourself or do you find it difficult to build your self improvement? If you do, figure out your own ways as only you know exactly what you truly want.


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