Toothpaste Can Do More Harm Than Good?

Nagini Shree |Nov 26, 2018

A new toothpaste which is SLS-free and formulated from natural ingredients can help you possess a beautiful smile without harsh potentially harmful elements.

Woman brushing her teeth

As for products related to hair, skin, body, and make-up, people tend to prefer eco and organic ones, but dental care is an exception. However, over the course of a lifetime, people in the world always stick to brushing their teeth at least twice a day, more frequent than any products. Sound weird, right?

In fact, regardless of high-quality or low-quality kinds of toothpaste, they all contain a certain amount of chemicals that leave a negative influence on your health condition. For instance, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), a chemical found in toothpaste also be used in industrial strength detergents and engine degreaser. It is warned that SLS can irritate the eyes and skin, and its irritant properties are higher at greater concentrations.  This chemical is also linked to painful canker sores, with SLS-free toothpaste should be used by people with recurring sores.

In addition, triclosan, an antibacterial chemical help protect pearly whites and fight plaque and gingivitis, could disorder your hormones. Triclosan has also been linked to concerns over endocrine disruption, antibiotic resistance, and thyroid dysfunction.

If you're worried about toxic toothpastes, the product from natural beauty brand BOCA may be a good choice for you. Their high-end toothpaste is made from natural, safe and botanical ingredients, especially SLS-free. Some dental experts recommend that this product line avoids the harmful chemicals that are sometimes abused in other toothpastes. Besides, it uses natural products such as Chamomile, Aloe-Vera Ginseng, Frankincense, and Propolis, all of which are proved to be effective in fighting fungi, bacteria and aid in immune response.


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