How To Moisturize The Skin Naturally: 5 DIY Methods To Moisturize Your Skin At Home

Rose Advani |Sep 04, 2019

Instead of using some moisturizers, the post will collect some effective methods to moisturize your skin with natural ingredients. These 5 homemade moisturizing methods will show you how to moisturize the skin naturally. 

No matter how the weather is, you need a moisturizer for healthy and glowing skin. Using moisturizers is an important step in the skincare routine. A good moisturizer should contain natural components which are safe for any skin type.

how to moisturize the skin naturally
How to moisturize the skin naturally

So why do you think of some homemade moisturizers that 100% is safe for your skin, especially for dry skin? The article will guide you on how to moisturize the skin naturally with amazing homemade methods that work effectively in moisturizing.

Using oil to moisturize your skin

Typically, girls often choose some of the popular oils like coconut oil, olive, oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, and so oil. Most of these oil types are so easy to collect.

how to moisturize skin in winter
Using olive oil to moisturize the skin

The way to do: Furthermore, these simple steps will give you a comfortable feeling when following them. Firstly, you apply the oil on the selected area of your skin, then you massage about to help the oil absorbed quickly into the skin. Next, you should let the oil overnight and wash clearly in the morning. You should do this work two to three time per week, and you will see the effect after a month applied.

Using organic honey to moisturize

Honey is always set as a miracle thing to beautify your skin trusted to use in every beauty method. And there is no exception in these tips. Organic honey will penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and moisturize this part. By this way, honey will clean skin pores and close pores as well. Also, this tip works greatly on how to moisturize dry skin in the winter.

how to moisturize the skin naturally
Organic honey moisturizes the skin effectively

The way to do: Like the first method, you just gently spread a layer of honey on your face. Then you leave the honey about 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, you rinse with lukewarm water and dry your skin. You need to repeat this task twice per week.

Using Avocado to moisturize

Factually, there is a wide range of moisturizers made from the main ingredient - avocado. Do you know avocado by itself will be a great way to moisturize your skin? Avocado contains plenty of nutrients, like fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, which nourish your skin and protect your skin from the radical damage. Furthermore, vitamin C will help your skin be firm and youthful.

how to moisturize the skin
Avocado contains fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which good for your skin

The way to do: Firstly, you cut avocado and remove the pulp inside, then you mash it till it turns to the mixture like slurry. Next, you apply mashed avocado on the selected area and leave there about 10 minutes. After that, rinse with water and repeat this twice a week.

Using shea butter

There are tons of natural moisturizers contain shea butter that give us a wonder which benefits that shea butter creates for our skin. Indeed, shea butter is rich in saturated fatty acids that anti-aging treatments. Shea butter is sometimes not available at home, but you can easily purchase from the cosmetic shop.

how to moisturize the skin
Shea butter is rich in saturated fatty acids that treat anti-aging

The way to do: Take a small dose of shea butter and melt it by hand. Then you spread on your face and other affected section. Certainly, massaging the skin in a few minutes will give more effective. You should apply this method at night.

Using cucumber juice to moisturize

Cucumber is used in many skincare tips as a cucumber mask with yogurts and other types of cucumber masks. This section we aim to cucumber juice which will hydrate the skin and soothe the skin. Cucumber is a miracle thing in how to moisturize skin naturally always. A little of a complicated thing, the process of cucumber takes you time. You need a cucumber, 8oz. Paraffin wax, and 2 oz. Carrier oil (suggested almond oil).

how to moisturize the skin naturally
Cucumber juice nourish your skin and make it smooth and bright

The way to do: We will detail the method on each step for you easy to follow:

  • Peel the cucumber and cut along the length.
  • Remove all the seeds and blend the remained part.
  • Melt the paraffin wax in the microwave about 90 seconds.
  • Add the carrier oil.

Lastly, spread the mixture on your face and gently massage. Also, you can create a large of this mixture to use in the next time by storing in a tight container in the fridge. This method will give the effect when you do it every night.

General tips to hydrate your skin you should know

Steam Skin
Gentle steam skin
  • You never have a bath with hot water, just at the lukewarm level.
  • You shouldn’t use the harsh soaps that will make your skin dry and dull.
  • If you decide to use moisturizer, carefully pick up one that is suitable with your skin type.
  • You should moisturize all your body, not only the face.


You need to affirm which type your skin is (normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination) by a patch test to choose suitable moisturizers and moisturizing methods.

Most of the homemade moisturizers are simple to perform at home and give you back an amazing effect that nourishes your skin and make it soft and glowing. These tips have shown you how to moisturize the skin naturally tutorial, you will find out the best method for you and list it in your skincare routine for a smooth, bright, and healthy skin.

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