Unhappy Relationship: Identify 10 Early Warning Signs Of Unhappiness In Love

Shanaya Rishaan |Aug 30, 2019

These ten signs will help you verify your feelings about the current relationship.

When being in a relationship, you may find yourself the mood of happiness with the one you love. However, there is a time you feel unsure about your emotions and start to wonder whether you hate your partner or being in an unhappy relationship. If that question keeps bothering you, then you should figure out the answer.

These signs may give you clues to realize that the connection between the two of you is gradually weakened.

There are no conflicts

It is believed that when there are too many arguments between two partners, their connection will be on the edge of collapse. However, the fact is conflicts are essential to a healthy relationship. If a couple does not have any disagreements, both sides might feel hopeless and want to give up on this relationship.

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Continually fighting and blaming for insignificant issues

Conflicts could strengthen your relationship, but if they frequently happen due to trivial matters, that’s a sign of a love running out. Plus, being stubborn and keep blaming for the other’s faults may give you a sense that both of you want to push the other away.

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Your partner is not your priority

Since you are happy with your relationship, you like to spend much time being with your partner. But, if you want to meet your friends and stay with your family rather than him/her, this is the sign that you are no longer in a happy relationship.

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One of you starts to stonewall

Stonewalling means one person starts to ignore or stop responding to the other. This situation happens when a member of the couple is in depression and try to escape from their overwhelming emotions. As a result, the other couldn't sense happiness since they feel like they're voiceless in the relationship.

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Feeling alone and drowning into criticism

Once there is no mutual support or sympathy in the relationship, loneliness will take place and cause dissatisfaction. Moreover, when one person is in a bad mood, even the smallest things could discomfort them. So, they keep criticizing every little thing without noticing the other’s feelings and then ruin the relationship.

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There’s no gratitude and respect

Gratitude and respect are essential factors to build an intimate relationship. When both sides stop showing gratefulness for each other’s efforts, the real disappointments will lead to offensive behaviors.

Besides, if the circle of disrespect keeps expanding and there is no solution for it, this probably makes room for the existence of contempt, creating growth of an unhealthy environment in love.

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There’s nothing beautiful to say about the relationship

A relationship contains either good or bad memories and experience. If you keep reminding the negative ones, it’s quite hard for you to think of the good times when being together. Therefore, you should reconsider your status in if you’re trying to figure out the upsides of this relationship but finally come up with no response.

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Lack of sexual satisfaction

Sex is a way for each person showing their affection and desire to the other. If you try to avoid being intimate with your lover, this might indicate that there is no sexual satisfaction or no emotional connection in your relationship.

Thus, if this happens, try to communicate your feelings and then you will figure out the reason.

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Holding grudges

When one person cannot let their anger go after an argument happening in the past, they might want to keep distance with their partner. Besides, a grudge is a form of self-sabotage since the negative feelings from it will continue to destroy your happiness at present.

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You’re daydreaming about the single life

Sometimes, you may think about single life or be jealous of your friends who usually open dating apps to look for their soulmates. However, if you keep thinking about being single, your current relationship might be lacking something, and you don’t want to be in it anymore.

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