How To Find Jobs In Canada From India In 2020 (A-Z Guidelines)

Hanima Anand |Jun 12, 2020

Canada is an ideal working environment for Indian people. While the employment opportunities in the country narrow down due to Covid-19, check here how to find jobs in Canada from India 2020.

In this article, we will state the reasons why you should head for Canada for more employment opportunities, where you can find jobs in this country (both WFH and Canada-based jobs), the straightforward procedure on how to find jobs in Canada from India, and a list of popular trending jobs in Canada for Indian workers updated in 2020.

Here we go!

Why to find jobs in Canada from India in 2020?

For a long time, Canada is a great destination for skilled Indian workers thanks to various similarities in culture between the two countries. Canada is also well known for its stable economic growth, high living standards, multi-cultural communities, favorable democratic policies to all groups and attractive employment rates. These factors have drawn a huge influx of Indian people to settle here.

How To Find Jobs In Canada From India
Canada is an ideal destination for many Indian workers during this decade.

In 2017, there were over 10,000 Indo-Canadian families residing in Canada. This number continues to increase in recent years.

In 2020, due to Covid-19, the employment rate in Canada shows a marginal decline from around 92% to 87% (from March, 2020 – May, 2020). However, this is still an attractive figure when the employed percentage in India is hovering around 75%, let alone the fact that we haven’t reached the peak of the coronavirus curve yet.

Where to find jobs in Canada from India?

Now the next question is where you can find recruitment information from Canadian companies.

There are several recruitment hubs in Mumbai who you can seek for help. Some of them have head-quarter to support while some operate mainly on the web. Here are some recruitment websites before knowing how to find jobs in Canada from India online.

With these websites, you can search for your suitable jobs in a certain state in Canada. If you find your match, remember to note down their requirements so you can prepare for it.

Should the job allows online working so you can stay at home and work overseas, it’s perfect. You don’t need many documents other than some identity proof.

How To Find Jobs In Canada From India 2
You can find both online and offline jobs in Canada.

However, if you aim at jobs working in Canada, please proceed to our next section of how to find jobs in Canada from India and get accepted.

How to find jobs in Canada from India & get accepted

The process how to find jobs in Canada from India isn’t just simply as typing the kind of job you want and go on a Skype interview and done. You have to prepare essential documents so the recruiters have no concern over your eligibility.

Let’s see what you have to obtain to get accepted for a job in Canada.

  • Language Proficiency certificates

Though Indian people also speak English, you still need a certificate in English or French language proficiency to prove you can work smoothly in Canada. The most popular certificate today to get your language competency recognized is IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Visit British Council IELTS test dates in India for more information.

  • Credential Assessment

To make your background transparent and reliable, get your credential assessed from an authorized organization. Immigration Consultancy agents in India like Abhinav can help you do this. Please pick a trust-worthy address to consult.

  • Resume and Covering Letter

One of the foremost papers you need before applying any job is your resume and covering letter.

Please remember you are aiming at Canadian employers, highlight the skill set that allows you to work in a global environment with quick adaptation and open-mindedness. The covering letter should be written carefully with consistent information as stated in your resume as well.

How To Find Jobs In Canada From India 3
Find a consultancy service to help you complete the procedure if affordable.
  • Express Entry System profile

A foreign recruiter would love a candidate who has prepared things for immigration. You should register a detailed profile in Express Entry System of Canada to show this preparation.

There, you will submit an Expression of Interest, an Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada and specify the CRS score for your experience, skills and language ability. The more detailed and impressive your profile is, the higher chance you get to receive an ITA for a Canadian visa.

  • Permanent Resident Card

Once you get an invitation to apply (ITA) for a visa in Canada, you need to apply for PR visa within the given time. Make sure you attach all required documents in your application and follow every step correctly. Contact a nearby Canadian Immigration Consultant agency to help file a proper PR application.

When you attain all above papers, feel free to look for a job in Canada using our listed recruitment websites. Once you master this process on how to find jobs in Canada from India, let's move to the list of trending jobs here in 2020 for foreign workers, particularly Indian residents.

Popular jobs in Canada for Indian workers

To help you have an orientation in mind, let us list here some Canadian job sectors that are popular among Indian workers who are residing in this country. Hope this list will be useful when searching for jobs in Canada from India.

  • Administrative assistant

This is among the trending demanded jobs in Canada and it perfectly works for Indian people. Assistants are often required as enthusiastic, hard-working, negotiable, and detail-oriented.

Indian staff can mostly meet those requirements and gain a considerable amount of money per year. However, this position differs greatly from one place to another, so you may not get an accurate estimation of annual income. The lowest payment should be $25 per hour.

  • Web designer and developer

As one of the largest hub for technological workers in the world, India can export these skilled labour to other countries as Canada. Many Canadian companies are recruiting web designs or computer programmers at an attractive salary.

An average web designer in Canada earns $25 per hour, but an experienced senior staff can make up to $50.

  • Housekeeper

This is a very common job for Indian workers who want to move to Canada. The reason is it requires no specialized qualifications at academic institutions. The jobs are related to normal household chores, ranging from cleaning the house to picking up kids.

According to Indeed Canada, the salary for a housekeeping job in Canada ranges from $20 an hour.

How To Find Jobs In Canada From India 4
You can even teach cooking if you're a professional!
  • Laundry worker

Another simple job for foreign workers in Canada is at laundry shops. This may require your experience in commercial or industrial laundry, thereby deciding your range of salary.

However, you will be trained when taking the job and these kinds of vacancies are quite popular.

  • Clerk

Many hotels, clinics and buildings in Canada need this position and it is open to Indian workers who are often good at technical side and hard-working in general.

Payment for this job varies depending on the amount of workload you are required to take. On average, it starts from $22 per hour.

  • Technologist/ Maintenance worker

Indian workers are well-known for computer and technology. That's why Canadian offices may prioritize those from India for these vacancies.

To apply for these jobs, you definitely need qualified certificates and qualifications in technological fields. Payment is much higher than simple tasks as house care, often starting from $30 per hour.

  • Cook

Here comes the job for kitchen-lovers. With the tactful skill and ability to use various herbs, Indian cooks are loved by Canadian gourmets.

So, if you are good at cooking, you can travel to Canada and work in a restaurant there. The salary for this position usually starts at $23 per hour.

  • Human resource officers

The last suggestion we would like to make is in human resources department. Many corporates in Canada are looking for human resources professionals, including Indian personnel.

Salaries for these positions are deserving for the workload they will take charge of. Often they earn $30 per hour, some can get double this amount according to their levels and experience.

If you have any questions on how to find jobs in Canada from India, please leave your comments below in the box!

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