Hottest Men's Earrings Styles Keep Trending In 2020

Rose Advani |Oct 23, 2019

From runaways to celebrities, wearing earrings has become a big fashion trend for any man to rock on. These hottest men’s earrings styles give all men more stylish and more attractive looks to the opposite sex.

Undoubtedly, men’s earrings style has been a serious fashion trend from runaways to celebrities. Earrings give any man the stylish and cool sturdy look.

Like a tattoo, earrings style is now acceptable as accessories for men. All men should accessorize with earrings to create an impressive look for their look.

men's earrings styles
Ranveer Singh goes ahead for earrings style among celebrities

Wearing earrings is regarded as an accessory; you need to consider when you should wear or should not wear. Earrings for men would be not suitable for some formal occasions as an interview or a prayer. So, you should consider when and which earrings you can wear on an excellent look that not overwhelming.

men's earrings styles
Some hottest pairs of earrings for men

Such a good example! A stud will be a flexible choice for any man, which fits with most of the face shapes, skin tones, and outfits. In case you choose a hoop, you need carefully consider the outfits and a suitable occasion to wear.

men's earrings styles
Will Smith with his diamond earrings

Some notices regarding skin tones and face shapes to get the right choice of earrings

Face shape

  • Oval face: Round earrings
  • Heart-shaped face:  Straight earrings without curves as barbell or taper.
  • Square face: Round or curved earrings
  • Round face:  Square earrings

Skin tones

  • Fair skin: Silver and white gold earrings will be good choices. Alert! You must avoid rose gold.
  • Pale skin: You should stick with golden and silver earrings.
  • Olive skin: Owning this skin tone, you can mix with any color of earrings.
  • Dark skin: You should choose some earrings with a golden color that deserving a vibrant and eye-catching look.

Here are hottest men’s earrings styles that rock your style in 2020

These hand-picked earrings styles below will help any man choose the right pair of earring that fits with your personality. Furthermore, you can flexibly mix and match for a fitting look at each occasion you are going to attend.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings for men
Stud earrings for men

Here is the most popular and flexible style of earrings for men to own one. If you are a newbie in wearing a pair of earrings, the stud earring should be your first choice. Also, this style is so easy to mix with any outfits and also gave a casual look.

Hoop Earrings

men's earrings styles
Hoop earrings styles for men

For a more stylish look, a pair of hoop earrings will create an adventurous look for men. The style is so stylish that showing a bold impression in your outfit and give the man more attractive.

Magnetic Earrings

Finding a real experiment when you join the ears pierced; magnetic earrings is what you must be stick with. The style gives you a stylish look in the most convenient way, just put on and leave easily without any marks.

Magnetic Earrings
Magnetic Earrings

Clip-on Earrings

Clip-on earring or an earlobe earrings style. Here is a perfect way to experience the look without a piercing.

Clip-on earrings style for men
Clip-on earrings style for men

Novelty earrings

If you keen on owning a wild look, novelty earrings should be your first choice. The earrings follow the elaborate design, go well with from the stud to magnetic earrings.

Clip On Earrings
Novelty earrings style

Barbells Earrings

Here is a bolder choice for an impressive look for a man. The style goes well with the curved and horseshoe face shape.

Long Barbells earrings for a bolder stylish look
Long Barbells earrings for a bolder stylish look

Gems and Pearls Earrings

Gems and Pearl's earring style goes more elaborating, which gives the man an eye-catching look, which is perfectly fit for the stylish fashion outfit. Men look outstanding when they are stick with coloured gemstones earrings.

men's earrings styles
Gems and pearls earrings style for men

Guys now have many options in choosing earrings, from a stud earring to colour gemstones earrings. Notably, you must base on your personality to select the right pair of earrings that fits not just your hobby.

These hottest men’s earring styles will rock your outfits to be unique and stylish. Now, all men should go for piercing to not missing the big fashion trend. Accessories like earrings will shine your look and give you more attractions to the opposite sex.

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