Horoscope: Your Zodiac Sign Says About How You Kiss, Are You Curious About It? (Part 1)

Nalini Suri |Jun 19, 2019

One thing to maintain your romantic love is a playful kiss. Your zodiac sign will show how you express it based on your characteristics.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, you can easily get to know how to kiss your partner the way you want through some articles, movies or something other than that. Or you have encountered all the crappy kissers teaching you whether what to do or not.

zodiac sign kiss

However, in the astrology side, your zodiac sign is also responsible for shaping your style of kissing. Read the details!

Aries (21/3 - 19/4)

You do not like overthink anything so you are likely to act and think after that. Thus, you may surprise your partner with several strongly playful and passionate kisses alongside some make-out sessions.

zodiac sign kiss

Taurus (20/4 - 20/5)

Don’t get amused when your zodiac sign shows how ridiculously sensual you are. You know to take your time from soft and gentle kisses to a long and languorous lip-locking. This just aims to convey how much you cherish your lover. How lucky they are!

zodiac sign kiss

Gemini (21/5 - 20/6)

You seem not to focus on how to start a kiss with your partner when rushing many random thoughts. A quick and sweet kiss is likely to be your jam then punctuate with a flirty saying. A lighthearted kiss to catch your lover off-guard is based on how lively your conversation with them is.

zodiac sign kiss

Cancer (21/6 - 22/7)

Your kiss follows your heart as you are very sentimental and you also have to get back the emotional intensity from your lover. Otherwise, you will immediately shut the kissing scene down.

zodiac sign kiss

Leo (23/7 - 22/8)

No other zodiac signs but you turn on the pure drama mode. Subsequently, your kiss scene is like you are casting for Titanic, Me Before You and Dirty Dancing rolling into one. How romantic! Not stop then, your hands seem to be itchy if you don’t take any selfies of your perfect kiss. You reach the limelight!

zodiac sign kiss

Virgo (23/8 - 22/9)

It might be tough for you to enjoy the lip-lock because your brain perpetually drives too far. If you have one chance to focus on the physical sensations, you will play a sweet, soft and thoughtful kiss.

zodiac sign kiss

To be continued…


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