Horoscope: Tarot Of Summer Love 2019 For Your Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

Nalini Suri |Jul 10, 2019

Following your zodiac sign, let's find out some little things on the love island.

Signing in a relationship called love, no matter what your zodiac sign is, always attracts us its spiral with a lot of levels of emotions from sadness to happiness. But do you know, the horoscope can change when a new season comes?

summer love horoscope

Now we go to discover the reality of your summer love based on your star sign and the Tarot direction.

Leo (23/7 - 22/8)

Summer love horoscope: Leo zodiac sign

Objective (Page of Wands)

Surprisingly, they are under the fellow Fire signs for the most high-octane sexual adventure. Don't worry if they are younger than you or haven't experienced life as much as you. They would bring some new feelings which are possible to meet your expectations on specifications.

Place of the fire (Seven of cups)

Seven of cups

This love will come soon if it hasn't happened yet. Don't get lost with the virtual beginning of the romance through social media or some phone messages. You both will deeply get burned in the opposite side's fantasy that could not help anymore.

The result is... (Queen of cups)

From the name of the Tarot card, you can easily see the most-wanted ending. Your chemistry ignites all day and night to keep up each other's desires. The mixture of fire and fire to fast become dynamite on the relationship, especially the sex.

Virgo (23/8 - 22/9)

Summer love horoscope: Virgo zodiac sign

Objection (Strength)

The above zodiac sign: Leo. You two ordinarily don't match to each other but sometimes, changing in a different way is not bad. This person has some interesting things to share with you as a seasonal and smart campaigner. Their presence is likely to be a worth-confided wall to lean on.

Place of the fire (Death)

death tarot

Fear not for the Tarot card as your life will mark a significant point due to this person. The best romance not only holds wonderful moments but also passes some growing pains.

The result is... (King of Wands)

Leo with the risky and enthusiastic nature will bold your life with a new glam of colors. This love can last or not, based the most on the confidence, inspiration and personal growth comprehending from both sides.

Libra (23/9 - 22/10)

Summer love horoscope: Libra zodiac sign

Objective (Page of Wands)

The lively, funny and extemporaneous Fire signs will crash into your life, which may infuriate you a bit. Your balance will be blurred to add their craziness that you could find in maybe a student or a junior in the career.

Place of the fire (Page of swords)

Page of swords

Strangely and interestingly, you will see your potential match at some kinds of competitive events such as sports matches, a fashion show or an awards ceremony. See your calendar again to not miss any chances of this bravo match.

The result is... (Three of Pentacles)

The difference from both of you will bring such a long-term relationship as you both know how to add to each other's personality. The other couples will get jealous of your ideal romance!

Scorpio (23/10 - 21/11)

Summer love horoscope: Scorpio zodiac sign

Objective (Two of cups)

Your hunger of love will satisfy with a fellow Water sign including Cancer, Pisces, and your own sun sign. Certainly, they apply to be a soul mate with you that you will immediately feel it when it launches.

Place of the fire (Ten of Pentacles)

Ten of pentacles

This person holds a close connection to your home, maybe even your family as they could be a friend of your siblings or cousins, or simply your neighbor, a service person... Prepare your home schedule more!

The result is... (Eight of swords)

Your intense jealousy might be a big rock to obstruct your romance as you put so much energy on it. Try to surmount that issue by giving each other more space and freedom to call your relationship in an "eternal" word.

To be continued...


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