Having Cheese Omelettes Can Increse The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Death

Advika Hue |Mar 31, 2019

To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause death, it’s recommended that you eat less than 300mg of dietary cholesterol a day.

If you love eating cheese omelettes, you should start cutting down on it from now on. One of the factors that contribute to increased the risk of having cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause death is eating lots of eggs and dietary cholesterol, which is proved on many kinds of research.

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The researchers have warned that egg yolks contain a large amount of dietary cholesterol (more than almost all common food), each large egg yolk has about 186 milligrams of dietary cholesterol.

According to Associate Professor Norrina Allen of Northwestern University, the cholesterol is extremely high in eggs, specifically the yolks. She said,

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Six different prospective cohort studies were carried out with 29,615 grown-ups for 31 years following up. The results showed that if one person eats 300 mg of dietary cholesterol every day, he will have a 17 percent higher risk of incident cardiovascular disease and 18% higher chance of dying. Journal JAMA will publish the results of this study.

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According to this study team, apart from cholesterol, there were other driving factors like consuming saturated fat or different types of dietary fat. Higher risk of CVD and any cause of death will increase by6 and 8% respectively if one eats 3-4 eggs each week.

It is said that the diet guidelines before 2015 had recommended that we should eat less than 300mg of cholesterol a day. But the daily limit on dietary cholesterol seems to be absent in recent diet guidelines.

On the contrary, eating eggs every week was mentioned to be good for health, and according to these guidelines, an average adult in the United States consumes 300mg of cholesterol a day and 3-4 eggs per week.

Wenzel Zhong, the main author, also said that animal products like processed meat, red meat or high-fat dairy food such as butter and whipping cream are also remarkably high in cholesterol.


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