Hair perfume 2019: The 7 best products that will satisfy anybody

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 16, 2019

You are looking for a product offering fresh and sweet fragrance? Below is the list of the 7 best hair perfume that will never let you down.

You have dressed up carefully to create a stunning look, but forget to spray some perfume? Then your appearance is not perfect yet. Acknowledging the importance of fragrance in making a positive impression, a wide range of perfume products have been publicised and on sale. Here we provide a list of 7 best ones designed especially for your beloved hair, which will help you confidently steal the spotlight in the new year of 2019.

1 - Gucci Bloom Hair Mist, £38

Hair Perfume 1

Smell: Gucci is such a prominent brand in terms of cosmetics and perfume in particular. In this product, the scent of fresh flowers is successfully kept, providing you with a classic floral fragrance.

Lasting duration: 3 hours. Although everybody can deeply fall in love with this light and clean smell, it may fade away after a few hours.

2 - Byredo Elevator Music Hair Perfume, £50

Hair Perfume 2

Smell: Elevator Music has become Byredo's one of the most purchased scents. It can easily suit any outfit or occasion with the scent of violet, musk ambrette, bamboo and floral notes.

Lasting duration: 3 hours. Due to the lightness, the product tends not to last long. However, its portable size allows you to carry along everywhere and be always ready to re-fill your fragrance.

3 - Percy & Reed A Walk In The Rain Shine & Fragrance Mist, £15.11

Hair Perfume 3

Smell: This romantically-named product has a clean, fresh scent of crisp floral notes mixed with a woody base. Moreover, it could be a shine spray, you know, killing two birds with one arrow, so beneficial it can be.

Lasting duration: 3+ hours.

4 - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Parfum Fresh Hair Mist, £37.50

Hair Perfume 4

Smell: So familiar the brand is that many have no doubt about its function. This perfume, particularly, claims to be suitable with romantic occasions, a date for example, with its mixture of orange, rose and headed patchouli.

Lasting duration: 6+ hours. What an excellent staying power that a hair product can maintain.

5 - Dior Miss Dior Parfum Hair Mist, £36.50

Hair Perfume 5

Smell: As can be seen from its colour, the product is mainly extracted from roses. So if you wish to smell like a lovely bunch of flowers, literally, try it and feel the result.

Lasting duration: 6+ hours

6 - Tom Ford Black Orchid Hair Mist, £50

Hair Perfume 6

Smell: Don't be fool by its black and unique bottle, the product has recognisable scents of sweet, earthiness and spicy. Notably, its hair mist ability will satisfy everyone, even the most demanding customers.

Lasting duration: 9 hours

7 - Frederic Malle Alber Elbaz Superstitious Hair Mist, £125

Hair Perfume 7

Smell: Should you desire luxurious fragrance and great hair mist in just one product, Frederic Malle highly recommended. Punchy vetiver and incense mixed of peach and rose is the best harmonisation you can ever find.

Lasting duration: Forever!


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