Go Bold Or Go Home: 11 Hottest Hair Colour Trends You Need To Try This Year

Leela Adwani |Jul 15, 2019

When it comes to appropriate hair color, it can be daunting to choose your most flattering shade. Get some ideas from this list of hair colour trends which are bound to make you cooler.

“New year new me” or even new year ain’t so new anymore, as long as you want to shake up your current look, think about changing your hair color first. When it comes to appropriate hair color, it can be daunting to choose your most flattering shade.

However, when you finally take the plunge to update your hair, take a look at these head-turning hair colour trends which are taking the world by storm. They are bound to make you more trendy in the eyes of everyone.

Coral Copper Hair

hair colour latest trends
Coral Copper Hair of Taylor Hill. Source: Instagram

For a big transformation, the coppery and red tone is a must as it’s now considered as one of the most growing hair color trends in 2019. The fact is that it also helps boost your skin tone and for a more summer-friendly hair, try a softer shade.

Baby Blonde Hair

Baby Blonde
Source: Jon Kopaloff/ Getty

If you are in search of recent hair colour trends to switch up your current look, white blonde is hands down your calling card. Don’t need a salient hairdo; this shade is outstanding itself. The inspiration behind it is the natural and sun-brightened streaks.

Opal Hair

Opal Hair
Source: Instagram

Pearlescent shades, along with reflective shine, are bound to be a big hit in the list of hair colour trends in 2019. If you aren’t up for the rainbow version, the harmony of cool-toned blonde and grey is just as gorgeous.

Rose Brown Hair

Rose Brown Hair
Source: Instagram

When the hotness quotient of the rose gold trend isn’t done yet, rose brown is now gaining traction on social media. Instead of achieving the look by dying your hair blonde, this shade works well on darker hair colours. It’s a perfect combination of bleach, red and brown dyes.

Ghosted hair

Ghost Hair Glamour 7feb18 Insta Sq
Source: Instagram

You’re bound to look nothing short of gorgeous when choosing this color.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown
The iconic hair shade of Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Natural brunettes are never obsolete in the list of hair colour trends. For this shade, we can learn from Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas who upgraded the rich brown hair to a more dimensional chocolate shade.

Below-the-Ears Ombre

Below The
Top hair colour trends 2019. Source: Instagram

Ombre a.k.a gradually blended hair colour trend is an indispensable name when you consider changing your look. The 2019 version of ombre is here with an upgrade.

Jet Black

Jet Black Jb Lacroix Wireimage
Source: Jb Lacroix/Wireimage

Whether your hair is originally jet black or not, if you are all set to let your hair go darker, jet black is always the best choice. This shade still tops the list of latest hair colour trends in India which is bound to make you cooler. If you’re not willing to give a long-time commitment to this colour, asked for semi- or demi-permanent colour.

Lilac Hair

Lilac Hair Instagram Courtgannhair
Source: Instagram/Courtgannhair

This pastel purple shade is what people typically call “When vintage meets modern.” Even celebs like Lady Gaga and Cardi B have also hopped on this shade.

Faded Pastel

Faded Pastel Instagram Khloekardashian
Source: Instagram/Khloekardashian

Bear in mind that before you head to the hair salon, one thing you should remember that a candy-colored or pastel hue will work best on virgin hair only. It means that your hair hasn’t been dyed at all. Following hair colour trends makes you more stylish but you need to understand your hair first.

Ash Gray Hair

Ash Grey Hair 1
Source: Instagram

Latest hair colour trends of 2019 cannot lack an ash gray shade. This hair colour is hands down a trend you need to have your eyes on. While silver was the king of popular hues last year, a darker tone in the spectrum of grey won’t fail in grabbing attention in the crowd.

With these mentioned-above hair colour trends, we hope you can choose for yourself the most appropriate one.

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