#Stayhome #Staysafe But Must Be Fun | Games To Play At Home Make Your Quarantine Less Tedious

Leela Adwani |Apr 17, 2020

To pass the time, games to play at home turns out to be an alternative source of entertainment. Check the list!

We are in the most usual time in the history of humankind ever. Billions of people are forced to stay home to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus. From business, entertainment activities to production, everything is coming to a halt. Travel bans are being implemented across the world, people are in their biggest and largest self-quarantine. One week, two weeks and soon-to-be one month, we are staying at home and the bore, of course, is likely to “invade” us. Many choose to pursue their hobbies like painting, singing, dancing, some want to prepare delicious meals for their family. However, to pass the time, games to play at home turns out to be an alternative source of entertainment.

Games To Play At Home 5
Games to play at home

In an attempt to make your quarantine more interesting, we curate some indoor game suggestions that are suitable for every age as well as the level of capacity. Most of them don’t require complicated materials that are hard to find around your home.


Hangman which is a word game for two challenges players to complete the spelling of a chosen word before finishing drawing a hangman. The first player has to come up with a word or a short phrase, then write a blank for each letter below a gallows with a rope that is already drawn.

Games To Play At Home

The second one tries to guess the word/phrase by spelling every single letter. With each wrong guess, the swinging rope will be added one more body part (it can be head, arm, leg or torso).

If the drawing of the hangman is finished before the guesser provides the correct word, the one who picked up the word will win.

Mystery word

This is an ideal game for a group of 3 to 4 people. Everybody prepares two pieces of paper, one includes their own name and the other is a ridiculous word, sentence or phrase and puts them into two separate pots. Each person then picks a pair of name and phrase out of the respective pots and they have to manage to work such phrase into a conversation with the name of the chosen person. However, the key is don’t call out for it.

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Mystery word


The pencil-and-paper Tic-tac-toe is a children-friendly game. the list of games to play at home cannot be complete without mentioning it. Before starting the game, two players have to draw a grid with horizontal lines crossing vertical ones.  Players then take turn to choose a box and filling it either the letter X or O to mark the box. The final goal of this game is to create 3 marks in a row and block the opponent by doing the same.

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tic tac toe


Here we are, the favorite game of everyone, Puzzles. This game is not only so much fun but also helps build problem-solving skills as well as cognitive abilities.

Games To Play At Home 4

Hide and seek

Quarantine is also the best time to take a walk down your memory lanes with childhood game. Typically, we will enjoy the game outside the house in the evening, but amid the coronavirus time, we can play indoor only.

Hide And Seek
Hide And Seek

Guess the song challenge

All you need to play this game is a laptop with wifi. Easy, right? Go to Youtube and search “Guess the song challenge”, hundreds of results will appear after one second. You will have various options to choose your favorite playlist. Who gets the answer faster, they win.

What do you think about the list of games to play at home that we have created? Choose one, two or even all to make your quarantine less boring. Finally, don’t forget to stay home, stay safe and stay positive.


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