Life Hack: Simple Ways To Prevent Foggy Glasses When You Have To Wear Masks All The Time

Salena Harshini |Apr 13, 2020

Foggy glasses are no more! As you are having to wear masks almost anytime, glasses getting fogged up surely creates irritation, and here are ways to prevent it.

The government has urged everyone to follow the mandatory coronavirus prevention rules and it has been made it obligatory to wear masks in public.

As crunches of masks have been rising in the market, a lot of people are coming up with various ways to make DIY masks at home and using them against the coronavirus spread.

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Mask-wearing is mandatory

However, wearing a mask for a long due may be kind of a massive problem for eyeglass wearers. The glasses will become foggy after a while you put it on, making it very difficult to see and very inconvenient as you have to take them off and wipe the fog away.

This happens when warm vapor of you breath meets the lens’ cooler surface and leads to the fog being formed owing to the surface tension of water molecules. That is why we have found how you can improve this foggy glasses situation.

Useful foggy glasses prevention hacks for all glass-wearers

What you can do to prevent your glasses from fogging

Take a look at these simple ways for you to get rid of the foggy glasses situation.

Use a tissue

Use a facial tissue and place it inside the mask’s top half. By doing this, you will create extra absorbency between the nose, somewhat prevent the vapor from reaching the glasses. Also, you can fold the mask’s top quarter inwards for an extra layer. The moisture will be improved right away.

Foggy Glasses
Put a tissue inside your mask or fold the top part to make more layers (image source:

Wash the glasses with soapy water

Another easy way to get away from foggy glasses is to leave some soapy water on the glasses. The best method is letting the glasses dry off themselves after you wash them with soap.

The function of the soap is to leave behind a film that lessens the molecules’ surface tension. For the unversed, swimmers always do this. They use baby shampoo on the inside of their goggles in order for them to not get foggy.

Wash With Soap
Wash with soapy water to prevent foggy glasses

The above are the two very simple yet effective ways to steer clear from foggy glasses in the situation where everyone has to wear masks all the time like the present. Share with us more if you know of any.

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