First Date Advice: Win Your Date’s Heart With These Flirting Tips

Kimmy Karima |Oct 07, 2019

A first date is an important event to most people. There are so many questions you may ask, about your outfit, your makeup, even your attitude. What about flirting? How should you flirt? Well, answers are ahead.

Different people may have different ideas about flirting, especially on the first date. Some may think that you should be quite guarded, at least until you really get to know the other one. But some are a bit more aggressive and think a more proactive approach is better, which means you should take the initiative to woo your date.

Flirting is an art.

No matter what side you’re on, remember that a bit of flirting doesn’t hurt. In fact, it will show that you’re really interested and want this relationship to advance. Or you want your date to feel relaxed, to open up more so you’ll gain a better understanding of him/her, at the very least.

But how could you flirt effectively without scaring your date? Rest assured, we have some tips for you. You may call them flirting tips, or you may call them guidelines to have a beautiful connection on the first date. Either way, you’re right.

Maintain eye contact

Looking at your date is good, but staring at him/her permanently is not.

Maintaining eye contact with the person you’re talking with is not only lovely, but it also boosts intimacy. It shows that you’re honest and don’t mind letting your date look into your soul too. Of course you often look straight into the eyes of your friends or family members, right?

Then with your date, you should try to maintain longer eye contact, preferably with a smile on your lips. Your date will feel fabulous to have someone looking at him/her with smiling eyes.

Of course, you should also look at other targets, like your date’s lips, or hands, or at the table from time to time, so your date won’t feel that you’re scrutinizing him/her. Which is certainly not a nice feeling at all.

Be all ears

Sitting quietly all the time is not a good plan.

Everyone loves to be listened to. But unfortunately, most people prefer talking to listening. That’s why those with good listening skills are more likely to win others’ hearts. They are also described as loving and caring. Therefore, the advice here is “talk less, listen more”.

Believe it or not, being all ears when your date talks is a sexy way of flirting and it shows your potential to become a good partner! Because, who would wants to be together with someone blabbing all the time?

That said, you should not just sit silently like a stone. Be a part of the conversation by asking questions about what your date is saying or by telling your similar experiences too. The key here is sharing and letting share, not keeping your mouth shut for the whole night. You see, that is flirting done right!

Mind the compatibility

For most people, being similar means being compatible.

Your date may be open, or maybe really shy. So if you want your flirtation to be effective, pay attention and try to create the atmosphere of compatibility by showing similar level of intimacy. For example, if your date is quite reserved, don’t try to flirt by touching him/her first.

If he/she is the quiet type, don’t talk too fast or too loudly. Then if he/she is really outgoing, you may act accordingly. Most people enjoy the company of those similar to themselves, so you’ll get closer to your date by letting him/her see the similarities, at least on the first date.

Flirt in moderation

Everything in moderation is basically the way of life.

Flirting doesn’t mean revealing your sexual desires or showing your intention to get your date to marry you. So flirt, or do anything else, in moderation. Don’t try too hard and don’t go too far, like asking too personal questions, or staring at your date’s hot body etc.

Things like that are annoying and impolite, which is surely not the impression you want to make. Instead, you should consider the first date the opening of a journey to turn the relationship into something deeper. So, all in all, just believe in yourself, be the best version of yourself, and there’s a better chance your date will love you for yourself.


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