First Crush: 4 Should-Be-Know Things To Handle Your Child’s Puppy Love

Kaira Immre |Oct 09, 2019

A first crush may be a memorable time for a child, but it can be a worry for parents. So, here’re what you need to do when your child tells you his or her first crush.

One day, your child comes home from school and shares with you about his or her first crush. And this makes you be landed in a series of questions from your child: how the puppy love, first kiss or others about boyfriends or girlfriends are? So how should you cope with this? Here’re four ways to handle your child’s puppy love.

Accept your child’s feelings

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Perhaps the very first thing you should do to handle your child’s first crush is to accept or even enjoy the fact that your kid is growing up. Don’t panic! It’s time to support your child whenever they need. Especially, avoid telling them that their feelings aren’t real and trying to resist their natural development. Just smile and be smart to cope with your child’s feelings.

Give your child appropriate space

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It’s natural if you always want to talk more to your kid about their first crush. But remember it will be better if you let them experience this feeling by themselves. Of course, you should confide in them, but avoid asking them regularly. Because they may get shy, or even uncomfortable to continue sharing anything about the crush with you. Let them enjoy their natural feelings with too much intervention.

Set boundaries

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Although having a crush with a friend is something great and normal for kids, there should be some guidelines and rules to follow. Explain all the things they can do together and the boundaries they have to respect. For example, they can hold hands, play or sit by each other. However, they’re allowed to kiss or cuddle.

Talk about handling rejection

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One of the biggest difficulties related to your child’s first crush is when that friend doesn’t have the same feelings as your kid. So, you should skillfully find out how their crush feels about them. If it’s a one-way feeling, tell them that it doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough. It is just because everyone has different feelings, and your child should respect them.


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