Dry Hair Treatment For Men: How To Keep Your Mane Nice And Healthy Always

Kimmy Karima |Oct 25, 2019

When talking about tips for hair, most people immediately think of women with long flowing locks. What about men? To balance it out, here we have dry hair treatment for men too.

Men have a lot of hair problems, one of which is dry hair, especially during autumn and winter. Apart from the weather, other elements like sunlight or some certain hair products may be the causes.

So, even though men usually keep their hair short, more often than not, they need advice too. Now if you spare a thought for your mane, this guideline of dry hair treatment for men is for you.

Change your daily hair products

dry hair treatment for men
Changing your shampoo may be good for your hair.

The hair products you use most frequently are shampoo and conditioner, right? So if you find your hair not as good as you want, the first thing to consider is changing to another type or brand. Some people say that you should make that change every four or six months.

While that advice is not based on any scientific foundation, it’s true that your hair may get too used to a certain kind of shampoo and conditioner, that it becomes unsusceptible to that kind’s effects. Besides, your choice of shampoo should also depend on weather conditions.

Don’t keep using a shampoo for oily hair if it’s dry outside. All in all, if your mane is dry, try the deep-moisturizing shampoo and a good conditioner. They will give your hair the moisture it needs.

Choose hair products without alcohol

dry hair treatment for men
Make reading the ingredient list your habit.

Alcohol exists in more hair products than you can imagine. To build the habit of reading the ingredient list of every product you buy and use.

There are certain types of good alcohols, which have a moisturizing effect. But then there are also some types that can dry out everything you apply the products on, like ethanol, alcohol denat, isopropyl alcohol and so on.

If you’re careful, you should Google for bad kinds of alcohols for your hair and skin. Or if you want to stay safer, choose 100% natural or organic hair products with essential oils which help nourish and moisturize your hair.

Wash your hair less often, with less shampoo and less warm water

dry hair treatment for men
You shouldn’t wash your hair too often.

To your hair, less is obviously more. If washing your hair is your daily routine, you may unintentionally make your hair dry. That’s because washing too frequently with a too big amount of shampoo, and with too warm water, may strip your hair of its natural oil and moisture.

The key here is that you should wash your hair less often, maybe once every two or three days, depending on how thick your mane is and how much you are outside. Then when washing, use just a little bit of shampoo. You don’t need to make it all foamed up just to get your hair cleaned.

And remember to use just slightly warm water, or even cool water if you can bear it, to keep your hair moisturized and nice.

Choose a good brush

dry hair treatment for men
Men should own a good brush too.

If your hair is not too short, you may need a brush. A boar-bristle brush can untangle your hair while making it shiny and healthy because it helps spread the natural oil all over your locks. Furthermore, a high-quality brush doesn’t only massage your scalp but also helps prevent hair breakage and hair fall.

Limit the use of a hair-dryer

dry hair treatment for men
Towel-drying is always better than blow-drying.

While using a hair-dryer seems like a good way to save time drying your hair after a wash, it’s actually bad for your hair. So to keep your hair smooth and strong, just gently towel-dry it to soak up the moisture. Then leave it dry on its own.

Remember not to rub your hair with the towel, no matter how hurried you are, because that would cause tangle and breakage. A useful tip for you: You can use an old cotton T-shirt to pat dry your hair too because it’s very soft and less coarse than a towel.

With these tips of dry hair treatment for men, surely you’ll always have good hair days ahead.


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