Let's Make Some Tea: Why Indians Have This Drink Daily, And Why You Should Too

Kimmy Karima |Aug 18, 2019

Tea is so popular in India and many other Asian countries. Does it have many health benefits or what? Here are the explanations.

Tea is a special type of drinks. People don’t just drink it to quench their thirst. In fact, people in Asia, especially India, even turns making and drinking tea into a kind of art. If you wonder the reason, let’s read on and you may start consuming a cup daily from now on.

Tea has its relaxing and soothing effects

Chai is the Indians' favorite drink because it's really soothing.

If you’re under pressure or feeling anxious, brew a cup of herbal tea. It helps clear your mind and comfort your soul. Some kinds, like chai and peppermint, even ease your headache. Many scientists believe that it can help you de-stress as well as some prescription drugs, but without side effects. So, forget your pills, just sip some tea instead.

It makes you feel satiated, so it may aid weight loss

If you want to lose some weight, add some tea to your diet.

If you have some tea with your meal instead of a sugary drink, you’ll feel satiate faster and eliminate a high amount of bad calories. Of course, this drink makes you feel full, so you won’t overeat, which does help you reach your weight loss goal.

It improves your immunity

Matcha is one of the most powerful immunity boosters.

Some teas, like green and black kinds, are very high in antioxidants. That’s why they are the biggest immunity boosters. Furthermore, the antioxidants in tea are considered unique, which means, it’s not like you can find them in any kinds of foods or drinks. And, have you heard that antioxidants help you stay youthful too?

It is hydrating

Sugarless tea helps quench your thirst.

Caffeine-free teas are like water in its hydrating effect, with some more health benefits in comparison with water. Maybe that’s why Indians have them with all kinds of foods, like bread and biscuits. Seems like this beautiful drink enhances the tastes of those foods too.

It helps you stay alert

Drink some chai for alertness and freshness.

Tea contains a unique amino acid L-theanine, which can help you feel relaxed while staying mentally alert. This essential amino acid also has a positive effect on anxiety and memory. So it’s a good idea to gulp down some chai when you need to keep your eyes wide open and your mind concentrates on your project. Or when you’re too sleepy but are not allowed to take a nap. Or when you have to boost your productivity to complete work before calling it a day. Or at any other time, to be honest!

There is a tea for every season and every occasion

There are various kinds of teas!

Don’t ever call tea “boring” if you haven’t known how many kinds of teas out there. Chances are you can’t count all of them. In fact, there are so many types, with innumerable combinations, flavors, and alterations that it may take you forever to taste them all. So, no matter what type of personality you have or what occasion it is, there’s always at least a kind of tea that suits your needs. Chai or matcha? With or without sugar? To warm-up or to cool off?... There will be a special kind for you!

It helps strengthen relationships

Hearts get warmer...

Some Indians would like to say “chai” before “hi” in the morning. Which means, they consider chai an indispensable part of their morning (healthy) routine. And everyone loves a good cup of chai, so it helps bring friends and family members closer together. People seem to be more friendly and more loving when sitting around, talking and drinking chai. Have you ever seen people arguing during a tea session anyway? Maybe that’s because of the comforting effect, or maybe that’s because gentle people tend to prefer this gentle drink over other types? Anyway, just brew some tea when you invite friends or relatives over. It sure will strengthen the bond.

Would you like some tea?


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