What Causes Coughing? Is It An Allergy Cough Or Just A Cold?

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 21, 2019

Coughing is one of the most common symptoms from which you may suffer. Yet what is its root, allergy or cold? Discover useful information below.

Spring is blooming, leaving everybody in awe of its lively beauty. However, we also encounter some problems, particularly in terms of health, under this changeable weather. Cough is among those annoying symptoms. Not only is it loud, attention-catching, but it also worsens your condition, causes sore throat and many more. So, understand its root may help you have successful treatment.

Cough, the annoying symptom, can easily be caused under the changeable weather of spring.

The first useful thing is that there are two most common types of coughing, allergy-rooted and cold one. Both have distinct differences that you are highly recommended to acknowledge as below.

Most importantly, why do we cough?

Few people may know, a useful purpose causes cough. It helps our bodies expel unwanted things as a threat in the airway, according to Monica Lee, MD, an otolaryngologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Those perceived threats can be hugely varied, from a piece of food stuck in the throat to air pollution, swelling or drainage from extra mucus, all of which irritate the sensory fibres, then trigger a cough.

To be more detailed, it is such a complicated process in the body during a cough. As explained by Dr Lee, our vocal cords play a crucial part in the whole procedure. First, they close briefly to generate pressure in the lungs. After finishing, they open back up, the air then flows quickly through voice boxes, stimulating the cough as we know.

Coughing is not always good for health, of course, especially those created by allergy or cold.

Can allergies cause coughing?


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