Best College Outfits For Indian Men To Rock On The First Day

Rose Advani |Sep 25, 2019

Here is the collection of best college outfits for Indian men to rock on the first day at their colleges. Each outfit is a perfect combination of familiar clothing as T-shirts, Blue jeans, Chinos, and so on.

College time gives young guys opportunities to explore everything as knowledge, friendships, lifestyles, and joining lots of school occasions. So, how to expose who you are in each event. You must get dressed up to kill on any occasion you are planning to join.

These best college outfits for Indian men will make you versatile and stylish to feel confident whenever you are. The first impression is the last one, so rock you up on the first day at college, guys!

college outfits for Indian men
You need to versatile and stylish at your college

Here are must-have college outfits your wardrobe should have:


No one No T-shirt! T-shirts seem the most popular clothing item. Some of you should out that they are casual and ordinary to create some stylish college outfit goers. However, T-shirts give you lots of youthful-looking outfits. You can style it fresher and more different.

As a student at college, you should pick up some T-shirts with cool graphics, a quote, or a simple print. There are more options for you to select for a T-shirt, with V-neck, Turtle neck, or only Round neck.

You should pair a T-shirt with denim, and a sneaker for the classic style which is never out of style. There are some of the good pairings with the T-shirt as a good reference for you.

college outfits for Indian men
You can pair a T-shirt with blue jeans or a chino.

Classic Blue Jeans

Classic Blue Jeans is a must-have clothing item for ideal college outfits for Indian men on the first day at school. Though a blue jean is so classic, it’s versatile to pair with other clothing items and get a perfect fit with the college time. Alert! Never 3-4-year-old worn-out jeans on the first day at college.

There is something crazy with your outfit, you will get the attention, but it’s a bag look. You should choose a blue jean for your age then pairing with a T-shirt or a shirt. The set will make you heads turn on that day.

Here are some favourite pairings for your blue jeans to help you go for the college with a rough edgy look or a boy-next-door look.

college outfits for Indian men
Classic Blue Jean should be paired with a T-shirt or a casual shirt

For Indian men, you can mix a blue jean with Zayn Kurta for a college outfit at college.

college outfits for Indian men
Zayn Kurta with Blue Jeans
college outfit for Indian men
The perfect combination Of Kurta and Jeans


There is an option for people who are not fond of denim or jean; it’s a chino, chinos are standard trousers, made with the chino fabric, ideally, wear in any season. A chino will create a young and gentle look for you, especially a perfect outfit for semi-formal occasions.

You will get an ideal college outfit if you pair a chino with a T-shirt or a casual shirt. And a study has shown that lots of young Indian men choose a chino for a gentleman look on this semi-formal occasion like the first day at college.

Now you enjoy a few options in styling a chino for a gorgeous college outfit:

college outfits for Indian men
You will get a perfect college outfit when combining a chino with a T-shirt or a casual shirt


There are lots of footwear options for any Indian man. You can wear Oxfords, Derbies or something formal. However, you should keep a youthful look at college with some casual shoes like Vans, Converse, Superdry or other fashionable brands.

Converse shoes are always the perfect style for any youngster at school. There are no college outfits for Indian men without sneakers. Also, here is the selection of lots of Bollywood celebrities as Ranbir Kapoor, or Ranveer Singh when they were at college.

college outfits for Indian Men
Ranbir Kapoor with his amazing collection of sneakers

Finding some perfect college outfits with sneakers:

college outfits for Indian men
Sneakers will create a youthful and stylish look for you on the first day at college

Layering Your Look

college outfits for Indian men
Layering makes you outstanding

For a stylish look at college, you should layer your outfit that means clothes on clothes. Layering is always the best way to make you different and outstanding. You can layer your college outfit with a casual shirt, accessories, or scarves. When you select a suitable layering style, you will look young and stylish at your college all the time.

college outfits for Indian men
Being different by smartly layering your outfit clothes on clothes

You can get some good references with some layering tips below for a stylish college outfit:

Some tips to grooming your look combined with a good dressed up for a perfect look

You, Indian man, should follow these below tips to get a perfect look at college along with the good dresses up.

  • Getting a nice haircut done (you can get your hairstyle from the best hairstyles for Indian men this Fall 2019)
  • Trimming your beard and moustache neatly which give you a neat look
  • Clipping your nails neatly
  • Brushing up, and use a mint that helps you confidently in communication
  • Washing your face with a cleanser for a brighten look
  • Taking a bath, and washing your hair for a completely fresh
  • Applying sunscreen for glowing skin before going your college (Indian men must notice this step most)
college outfits for Indian men
Have a great semester, guys!

For these college outfit ideas, you can find out the best college outfits for Indian men, which give you a youthful and gentle look on any occasion at his college. One of them, layering is a good way to create your different style, but you must consider for a suitable combination.

All these essential clothing items for these outfits are available on any man's wardrobe and all that you must do is applying these fashion tips to get dressed up perfectly. Notably, you never forget to follow the grooming yourself tips we have mentioned above if you don't want to waste your dressed up.

When you dress smart, groom yourself, and get a confident attitude, you will enjoy all the great moment each day at college.

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