Check Out Cause Of Sleepy & Solution To Wake You Up

Ankita Chetana |Feb 20, 2020

Sleepiness is a signal of tiredness or some other diseases that you wouldn’t know. Let’s find out what is the cause of sleepy and how to deal with it.

Don’t think that it’s common when you often fall into sleepiness. Do you know the cause of sleepy leading you to lethargic in the daytime? We all know that improper sleep will lead to exhaustion, focus loss, and dreamy status.

Cause Of Sleepy And Solutions
Why are you always sleepy? Here are some reasons

According to some psychologists, sleepiness is an obvious link to mental problems or physical changes. It also opens the secret of some health problems you haven’t imagined yet. So, here is the cause of sleepy and solutions to help you refresh after all. Read on!

Cause of sleepy

Improper sleep

We have been suggested to spend 6 to 9 hours per day for deep sleep. But normally at the young generation, you often check social media or watch something on technological devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops… Well, it’s not good for your eyes as well as brain. Drinking caffeine also can keep you awake until the early morning. In addition, overthinking or stress certainly prevents you from a deep sleep.

Check Phone Before Sleep
Don't waste your sleeping time in sticking your eyes on smartphones

👉 Solution:

Don’t consume caffeine 2 to 3 hours before going to bed

Keep your mind relaxed at least 1 hour before sleep

Try to limit screen time and turn off your technological devices as soon as possible

Heavy meals

Your heavy stomach bothers your sleep anyway as the yet-consumed food is still there to be digested.

heavy meal
Avoid fried food and meat 4 hours before sleep

👉 Solution:

Eat a little for dinner with light food

Limit grain and meat consumption before sleep at least 4 hours

A negative force from the body

Psychologists show that negative attitudes or actions can be the cause of sleepy when your shuteye will be disturbed by such factors.

Getting angry also leads to sleep disturbance

👉 Solution:

Regulate yoga exercises and refresh your peaceful force

Hidden diseases

The cause of sleepy might be some unchecked health issues including diabetes.

Diabetes Cause Of Sleepy
Diabetes distract you from a deep sleep

👉 Solution:

Have a health check-up twice a year to receive treatment as soon as possible

Consequences of sleepiness

Daydreaming or lethargic can turn you to tiredness, headache, loss of interest or passion, stress, bad digestion, concentration lack, and boredom.

To protect your health and live it up to full of energy, let's review the cause of sleepy and improve your habit from now on!


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