Most Shocking Celebrity Suicides Of All Times And The Monster "Depression"

Rose Advani |Oct 18, 2019

From Robin William, Marilyn Monroe to Jong-hyun, Sulli shocked all fans by their sudden suicides for a long time suffering the monster called "Depression". 

“Commit Suicide” the most painful words both in the personal life and the entertainment world. Someone is trying to hide their anxiety, sadness, and emptiness by their smiles and fun talks. More sadly than ever, they always suffer their pains alone.

The more time they keep these invisible burdens, the more suffering they get inside, and eventually, they choose to end all by committing suicide.

Robin Williams

The death of comedian Robin Williams shocked the world in 2014. None of us imagined that a famous comedian star with bright smiles and fun stories decided to end his life by a severe depression. The loss of Williams let the serious impact on Hollywood.

Celebrity Suicides: From Hollywood Legendary to K-Pop Stars
Robin Williams - A famous comedian

Williams is best-known as a comedian and got his fame through his show Mork & Mindy. The comedy actor also turned out with iconic roles in some famous films as Mrs Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, and Dead Poets Society. Unluckily, he suffered severe depression and also battled drugs and alcohol. When mentioned to his severe depression, Robin stated:

"Well, do you ever get depressed? I mean, you can't watch the news for more than three seconds and go, "Oh, this is depressing. And then immediately, all of a sudden, they branded me, manic depressive."

“Do I perform sometimes in a manic style? Yes. Am I manic all the time? No. Do I get sad? Oh, yeah. Does it hit me hard?".

Robin Williams
Robin Williams when he was young

2014 was a rough period of time both in his personal life and career, and what will be will be, the actor found the death to end up all his sufferings.

Robin was found dead in his California home with several cuts on his wrist and a pocket knife besides. As his wife revealed, he also suffered severe depression and Parkinson's disease.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was the symbol of beauty, fame, and a golden icon of Hollywood. However, the affair with the US President John F. Kennedy and the pressure from her fame placed on her life and the beautiful actress decided to suicide.

Marilyn ended her life by using the high dose of barbiturate in her own home.

Celebrity Suicides: From Hollywood Legendary to K-Pop Stars
Marilyn Monroe was a golden icon of Hollywood

The blonde queen left that gave all fans the regret for the unlucky life since her poor childhood to the peak of fame and fortune. However, the beauty and talent of the Blonde actress will live and last forever.

Sawyer Sweeten

The loss of Sawyer Sweeten shocked fans because he was just 20, too young to leave. Sawyer turned out with the role Geoffrey Barone, Ray Barone's son in the famous sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Though he got the success from the sitcom, the actor also got the financial burden after the show. And people believed that the main reason for his suicide was his finance issue.

Sawyer Sweeten
Sawyer Sweeten got his fame with the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond"

Pratyusha Banerjee

The death at the age of 25 of Pratyusha Banerjee, starred the bride Anandi in the movie 8-year-old Bride shocked all fans. Pratyusha was found in her home in 2016, hanged herself. Police affirmed that it was a suicide. Before her death, Pratyusha was deep in debt, alcoholism, and abortion.

Pratyusha Banerjee starred the bride Anandi in the movie 8-year-old Bride
Pratyusha Banerjee starred the bride Anandi in the movie "8-year-old Bride"

Her fame caused lots of pressure along with the depression that put her in sorrow feeling until the end of her life. One of her fans also got suicide at the age of 26 because got the most pain after the death of Pratyusha Banerjee.

Park Yong Ha

Winter Sonata actor Park Yong- Ha suddenly passed away at the age of 32 without a farewell. He ended his life because he was not strong enough to overcome difficulties in life with the pain when finding out that his father was at the last stage of cancer and pressure in his career that put him fall into a severe depression.

Winter Sonata actor Park Yong- Ha
Winter Sonata actor Park Yong- Ha

The actor revealed that he suffers from insomnia for 14 years, and could not sleep without medicine. He found no meaning of his life, then decided to goodbye forever.

Jeon Mi Seon

The actress Moon Embracing The Sun Jeon Mi Son was found dead by hanging at a hotel. Before her death, the actress suffered severe depression, along with facing to family instability. Her mother had a serious disease and her close friend passed away. All miseries push her to a suicide to end all her pains. The loss of the beautiful and talented actress significantly impacted on Korean TV.

Moon Embracing The Sun Jeon Mi Son
The actress Moon Embracing The Sun Jeon Mi Son

Phoomphadit Nittayaros

Before committing suicide, the Thailand actor Phoomphadit Nittayaros shared his thoughts on his Instagram and Twitter: "This world is full of broken things: broken hearts, contradictory promises and betrayed people."

Phoomphadit Nittayaros
Phoomphadit Nittayaros

His girlfriend revealed that Phoomphadit had a severe depression before as well as facing some financial difficulties that might be the main reason for him to end his life. The actor got fame through some famous movies and TV series as Pin Anong, Devil Love, Angels, and The Mafia.

Kim Jong-hyun

Kim Jong-hyun, the lead singer of the boy band SHINee, died in hospital in Seoul in 2017 shocked all K-pop fans. The singer was found unconscious in his apartment. Jong-hyun is better known as the top K-pop singer with a huge number of fans in Korea and across Asia and along with his band became the most marketable figure in K-pop.

Celebrity Suicides: From Hollywood Legendary to K-Pop Stars
Kim Jong-hyun was the lead singer of the boy band SHINee

When his farewell made public a day after his death, the talented singer revealed that he felt broken inside; he wrote “The depression that gnawed on me slowly has finally engulfed me entirely,” “couldn’t defeat it anymore”.


Sulli, F(x) former member, has just said goodbye forever to the world that shocked. The young, the fame, and the fortune! So why did she commit suicide? Anybody knew which miseries that the weird singer underwent? It was mainly from the invisible pressure of her fame and her depression.

Sulli - The young, the fame, and the fortune!
Sulli - The young, the talent, the fame, but the sorrow story

Sulli couldn’t stand bad words and criticisms from netizens anymore. The beautiful girl decided to end up all her miseries and left the world at the age of 25.

"Despite outward appearances, famous suicides like these show us that we can never know what another person is going through - and sometimes not until it's too late" - Caroline Redmond

“Broken from Inside” is the main reason for celebrity suicides.  None of us imagines that the monster behind the fame and fortune of these celebrities can absolutely ruin their soul and forced them to say goodbye forever to end up the most painful feeling and the empty inside. Rest in Peace!


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