Oily Skincare Tips Every Indian Girl Should Know

Aakanksha Vu |Feb 29, 2020

Choosing the right skincare routine for oily skin is quite tricky, let alone buying the exact toner that matches yours. See here the signals of oily skin type and how to choose correct toners for it!

Of all skin types, oily skin is among the most popular and most difficult to take care of. This skin type is prone to acne as well as various problems, especially in Indian weather. That's why today Starbiz collects here some oily skincare tips as well as how to choose the best toner for oily skin available on the market, for your reference.

What Is Oily Skin?

Oily Skincare tips
Learn about your skin type to enhance your beauty!

Sebaceous glands are responsible for producing an oily substance called sebum. A certain amount of sebum keeps your skin hydrated and avoids it from being irritated. However, if there is excessive sebum, your skin will look shiny, and your pores are clogged. It is one of an indication to let you know your skin is oily.

The oily skin type means it contains too much oil, which makes your skin have a greasy appearance.

what is oily skin type
Illustrations of oily, normal and dry skin types

Tips to know your skin is oily

It’s easy to know you’re in the oily skin type. Please refer to the following exhibits:

  • Your face is usually greasy and becomes shiner later in the day.
  • The makeup can easily slide off or not stay long in your face.
  • Pores are enormous, especially on your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).
  • You have pimples, blackheads, and other types of acne in the oiler areas.

When talking about a skincare routine, toner is a must. A toner is an in-between skincare product, which allows the next ones to absorb rapidly into your skin. However, oily skin may find it hard to get “the one” for daily skincare. No more worries! Here, you can learn more about a list of six absolutely best toner for oily skin type along with other information about this particular skin type.

Best Toners For Oily Skin

Toners come with three distinct types, which are hydrating toners, toners to balance pH, and exfoliating toners. In case of oily complexion, you should avoid drying skincare products to reduce the oil imbalance because your skin will be dehydrated. Therefore, we recommend you use a toner containing hydrating ingredients. This type of toner is ideal for your oily skin due to three reasons:

  • Attract and lock water to your skin
  • Calm irritated areas
  • Treat the underlying dehydration    

1. Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

best toner for oily skin care tip
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

An astringent has the same purpose as a toner but stronger on fighting acne’s effect than the counterpart. Formulated in 1964, Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion is an iconic Kiehl’s product.  It comes in two different sizes of 250ml and 500ml. The critical ingredients in Blue astringent are Camphor, Methol, and Sodium PCA. It helps soothe oily skin with a cooling effect of Camphor and Menthol. Besides, Sodium PCA assists in increasing your skin's softness. For usage, you can apply the astringent all over your face.

Notably, don't forget to cover some spots such as those in your T-zone because this toner is also the best toner for combination skin.  Not only do women use Blue Astringent for a skincare routine, but some male customers stick with it as a post-shave facial treatment. 

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

best toner for oily skin
The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

One of the best toners for oily skin from The Body Shop is Tea Tree Toner. It includes Organic Kenyan tea tree oil as a vital ingredient, which has an antibacterial effect. Moreover, there is Tamanu Oil from Madagascar to moisturize the skin along with Lemon Tea Tree from Kenya to add up a zesty fragrance to the product. As it is called a refreshing and purifying toner, you may see your pores tighter or clearer overall look of your skin.

It can also control oil to avoid excess sebum and minimize blemishes. Additionally, The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner is good at soothing your post-shaved skin.  This toner is a green liquid, which has a refreshing smell from tea tree oil. The best dose is to use this product is twice a day. Some users reported that their skin got dryer if they apply more than two times a day. 

3. Ole Henriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner 

best toner for oily skin in india
Ole Henriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner

Ole Henriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner should not be ruled out from the list of the best toner for oily skin and large pores. This toner will never leave you disappointed as it helps you get rid of excess sebum and refine pores.  Apart from these effects, this Ole Henriksen’s toner acts as an exfoliator thanks to four different acids, including in the ingredients.

An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), salicylic, and glycolic can help your skin fresh, matte with a balanced amount of oil. Moreover, this toner boasts an aroma of the blending between eucalyptus and peppermint scent, which will be relaxing for you after a long day.

4. Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

Indian best toners for oily skin type
Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner belongs to a type of acid toner. This toner contains 5% glycolic, adding exfoliation to its benefits. Interestingly, this exfoliating toner contains no alcohol and not tests on animals. Although it is categorized as an acid toner, the Pixi Glow’s toner may have the benefit for you without being harsh on the skin.

Along with 5% glycolic, it features the main ingredients like aloe vera, ginseng to energize and moisturize the skin. Notably, the fan of light rose scents will fall in love with this toner. It’s simple to use it. You pour a few drops to a cotton pad and wipe all over your facial skin evenly and gently. Please keep in mind to apply sunscreen after using this toner as glycolic acid will make your skin prone to the sun.        

5. Glytone Acne Clearing Toner

Another astringent comes to the list is Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner. This toner contains a 2% concentration of salicylic acid, which can be an excellent treatment for whiteheads, blackheads, and blemishes. Moreover, salicylic acid helps eliminate dead skin cells, gently exfoliate, unclogs pores, and dissolves excess oil. In the beginning, you should start using it once a day; then increase to twice a day if your skin doesn't feel too dry.

Glytone Acne Clearing Toner for oily skin
Glytone Acne Clearing Toner

6. Milk Makeup Matcha Toner

In six best toners for oily skin, Milk Makeup Match Toner is an innovative product as it comes into a solid form, which is one of the best toners for face. As the manufacturer’s instructions on the website, you should apply the product around every angle of your face. Then, you tap your face gently to help the substance absorb deeply into your skin.

 best toner for oily skin in India
Milk Makeup Matcha Toner

As reported, users can feel the skin fresh and hydrated.  This toner contains a blend of matcha green tea, which helps detoxify as well as protect your skin. What's more, there is witch hazel combining with kombucha to absorb extra oil and tighten pores. Besides, organic cactus elixir in the ingredients help calm and moisturize the skin. One more exciting thing is that Milk Makeup Match Toner is entirely vegan, silicone-free, gluten-free, talc-free, and soy-free. 

If these products haven't gained your trust, then we highly recommend natural toners that you can make at home to take care of your oily skin. There are various natural toner homemade recipes ranging from rose water to cucumber. You can check detailed instructions in our previous post: Best Natural Toner For Oily Skin And Homemade Remedies

You’ve got covered the best toner for oily skin as well as some tips in detecting this skin type. Now it’s your turn to consider which one will be your final choice to add up in your daily skincare routine.  When you decided “the right,” don’t forget to share your comments with us!

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